Lawler Student is District Spelling Bee Champion

Jan 29, 2020

Lawler Middle School eighth grader Sanjana Kota earned first place after 15 rounds in the Frisco ISD Spelling Bee with the word “reveille.”

The 47 contestants were high-fived as they entered the stage and were cheered on by proud friends, family and teachers in the audience. Many families had signs made ready to hold up in support of their star spellers.

“These students have a range of strategies they use to help them prepare for the spelling bee,” said Celeste Parker, Secondary English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Coordinator. “It goes beyond memorization; they have a deeper understanding of word construction and patterns, roots and affixes and how word origin and meaning influence spelling.”

District Spelling Bee Finalists.The top six finalists from the District Spelling Bee will attend the Collin County Bee on February 12 at Independence High School.

Congratulations to the top students and all students who were able to compete at the District level. Best of luck at the Collin County Bee!

  • 1st Place Sanjana Kota - Lawler Middle School, 8th grade

  • 2nd Place Samarth Khurana - Roach Middle School, 6th grade

  • 3rd Place Arya Reddyvari - Nelson Middle School, 8th grade

  • 4th Place Anirudh Kidambi - Nichols Elementary, 4th grade

  • 5th Place Abdullah Khaled - Corbell Elementary, 5th grade

  • 6th Place Rohan Kodibagkar - Clark Middle School, 7th grade

  • Alternate Ananya Ramanan - Pioneer Heritage Middle School, 8th grade

Allen Elementary - Ishaan Nulu, 4th grade

Anderson Elementary - Kairav Banerjee, 5th grade 

Ashley Elementary - Tanuj Dunthoori, 5th grade 

Boals Elementary - Axl Priddy, 5th grade 

Borchardt Elementary - Avishree Dutta, 5th grade 

Christie Elementary - Maya Morales, 5th grade 

Cobb Middle - Shasank Pericherla, 6th grade 

Comstock Elementary - Nicole Yuen, 5th grade 

Curtsinger Elementary - Caleb Tupper, 5th grade 

Elliott Elementary - Gautam Manikandan, 4th grade 

Fisher Elementary - Ediz Bostanci, 5th grade 

Fowler Middle - Sahana Naharaajan, 7th grade 

Griffin Middle - Avishi Pandya, 7th grade 

Gunstream Elementary - Sannuti Gomatham, 5th grade 

Hosp Elementary - Soumia Shah, 5th grade 

Hunt Middle - Hrishikesh Shenoy, 8th grade 

Liscano Elementary - Pragna Kasa, 5th grade 

Maus Middle - Sreshta Nellutla, 6th grade 

McSpedden Elementary - Armaan Gupta, 5th grade 

Mooneyham Elementary - Sreeram Gutta, 4th grade 

Newman Elementary - Mihika Sakharpe, 5th grade 

Norris Elementary - Anu Ashok, 5th grade 

Ogle Elementary - Sinchana Kumar, 5th grade 

Pearson Middle - Shreya Lokhande, 8th grade 

Purefoy Elementary - Evan Tenkhoff, 5th grade 

Robertson Elementary - Sai Sri Poojitha Kottamasu, 5th grade 

Scoggins Middle - Achuthan Rajesh Menon, 7th grade 

Scott Elementary - Srichandra Pallerla, 5th grade 

Sem Elementary Olivia Link, 5th grade 

Smith Elementary - Caleb Kim, 5th grade 

Sparks Elementary - Sophie Truhe, 5th grade 

Stafford Middle - Saisaharsh Devireddy, 6th grade 

Staley Middle - Kayla Rianne Gonzalez-Yapp, 8th grade 

Tadlock Elementary - Sophia Siddiqui, 5th grade 

Talley Elementary - Ria Makhija, 4th grade 

Taylor Elementary - Vihaan Datla, 4th grade 

Trent Middle - Rashi Sharma, 7th grade 

Vandeventer Middle - Chinmay Patil, 6th grade 

Vaughn Elementary - Mehul Pahuja, 5th grade 

Wester Middle - Raj Pattaswamy, 8th grade

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