Frisco ISD Parents Invited to Join the Guardian Gateway

Jan 09, 2020

Frisco ISD is making it easier for guardians to find key information about their students through the new Guardian Gateway. Guardians should expect an email from the District during the slow rollout January 15-27 with details on how to enroll.

The Guardian Gateway was created and designed based on feedback from families who were looking for an easy, secure way to access information for multiple children within one platform. The Gateway has been a work in progress for quite some time and recent security and compliance considerations have also led to its launch.

“For several years, we have heard through community meetings like Coffee Talks that families have many, many sites to access in order to support their students’ learning,” said Cheryl McDonald, director of digital learning. “With the Guardian Gateway, we hope to streamline resources to make it easier for families to be actively involved in their students’ education.

“We are excited that the Gateway will help us get tailored information in a timely manner with resources specific to each student’s campus. For example, in the future, guardians could see timely links to apply for special programs like IB. We hope that it becomes a resource for every campus, student and family.”

Soon guardians across the District will have the ability to create their own Guardian Gateway account that will allow them to consolidate all of their students into one easy-to-reference Home Access Center Account (HAC). HAC is how families of students grades 4-12 track graded assignments through an online platform 24/7. Yes, that means a parent will not need to log in as their students and keep track of all of their children’s passwords to gain access to grades.

The Gateway will also be a quick and easy way to acquire STAAR scores through an easy click of the STAAR Student Portal tile.

Lawler Middle School families have been piloting the portal since early December.

“We are thankful for the feedback we have received,” said Frisco ISD Director of Student Information Services Liz Abbott. “We look forward to adding more features and learning more about what guardians are interested in seeing within the portal.”

An additional feature includes an extra layer of security since the District will no longer “send out” login information to various applications. Passwords will be encrypted and can change at the direction of a guardian via an easy self-service process. One password will allow access to numerous features, including Canvas, the learning management application tool used across secondary campuses.

Guardians should expect an email from the District from January 15-27 and are encouraged to occasionally check their spam or junk folder for an email with the subject line “Frisco ISD Guardian Gateway: Information for Guardians of Frisco ISD Students - Action Required.” There is an activation process through a series of emails.

“The Guardian Gateway has been in the plans for several years, but the district wanted to make sure that there were user-friendly applications ready for use,” McDonald said. “Email recipients will notice that there are multiple steps to getting an account set up and that is part of the security process.”

The District is excited to offer the Guardian Gateway and looks to make additional applications and resources available, including the ability to “opt-in” to receive attendance and grade notifications.

As questions arise, guardians are encouraged to reference the Frisco ISD Guardian Gateway FAQ, which will continually be updated. The District technology administrators will also be available to answer questions and provide input through

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