More Students Achieving Through Advanced Placement

Dec 11, 2019

AP Honor Roll Graphic.For the third year in a row, Frisco ISD has been honored by the College Board with placement on the Annual Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll. Frisco ISD is one of only 250 school districts to earn this honor in the country.

The AP® Program allows students to participate in college-level courses while still in high school. Secondary schools and colleges cooperate in this program to give students the opportunity to show mastery in college-level courses by taking AP® exams in May of each school year. With the successful completion of an AP® exam, many colleges issue college credit.

To be included on the 10th Annual Honor Roll, the District had to, since 2017, increase the number of students participating in AP exams while also increasing or maintaining the percentage of students earning scores of 3 or higher.

In the 2019 Frisco ISD graduating class, nearly half of all graduates scored a 3 or higher on at least one exam during their high school career, making the students eligible to earn college credit.

As a district, more than 16,000 AP exams were administered to 7,620 students throughout FISD in the 2018-19 school year. This is 1,200 more exams than the previous year.

Of those administered exams, 76% earned a score of 3, 4 or 5. In comparison, 49% of students in Texas and 59% of students nationwide scored a 3 or higher last year.

“The AP Program aligns with the District’s goal to promote college, career, military and life readiness,” said Dr. Angela Romney, managing director of academic programs. “We are excited that so many of our students have earned college credit through their AP coursework and exams and are honored to be recognized for the third year in a row.

“More importantly, we are thrilled that so many of our students are taking challenging courses, learning relevant skills and gaining college credit while in high school through the AP program.”

Frisco ISD currently offers 30 AP courses and will add another next year, AP Computer Science Principles. The most popular exams taken in 2018-19 were AP Human Geography, AP English Language, AP World History and AP US History.

Honor Roll districts defy the notion that expanding access automatically results in a decline in the percentage of exams earning scores of 3 or better.

“We are pleased to honor the teachers and administrators who have worked to clear a path for more students of all backgrounds to advance through AP,” said Trevor Packer, senior vice president of AP and Instruction at the College Board. 

Helping more students learn at a higher level and earn higher AP scores is an objective of all AP teachers and administrators.

Inclusion in the 10th Annual AP District Honor Roll is based on a review of three years of AP data, from 2017 to 2019, looking across 38 AP Exams, including world language and culture.

To be included, the District had to:

  • Increase AP exam participation by at least 4%

  • Increase or maintain the percentage of American Indian/Alaska Native, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander students taking exams while also increasing or maintaining the number of these students who score a 3 or higher on at least one AP exam.

  • Attain a performance level at which more than 70% of its AP students earn a 3 or higher.

The complete 10th Annual AP District Honor Roll can be found here.

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