Frisco ISD Drum Majors Conduct with Poise

Oct 10, 2019

The Friday night lights are not so bright without a half time show. Behind the scenes, the band has been working on the eight-minute-long show since early August.

Each band has a select few students who conduct on the podiums at the edge of the field. While each campus has its own selection process, these drum majors are consistently selected for their leadership skills and growth mindset.

“The most important aspect of choosing a drum major for the band is remembering that who you choose is what you endorse in ways of character, dedication, integrity and work ethic,” said Jamie Weaver, Liberty High School band director. 

Drum majors are a key part of the marching band leadership structure and are pivotal in developing a culture of the band. 

As a leader, the drum major is often expected to find a delicate balance between enforcer and friend, counselor and confidant, diplomat and peacekeeper. It is a high-pressure position that is constantly under the scrutiny of multiple watchful eyes.

In an opportunity-rich school District with 10 high schools, there are 34 students who have accepted responsibility as a drum major in the 2019-20 school year. Congratulations to these students who go above and beyond and represent their school and band with pride.

Click each image below or here to learn about the drum majors.

Centennial High School - Director Andrew Rein

Centennial High School.

Frisco High School - Director David Simon

Frisco High School.

Heritage High School - Director Jason Prasifka

Heritage High School.

Independence High School - Director Hunter Bown

Independence High School.

Lebanon Trail High School - Director Kelly Wykoff

Lebanon Trail High School.

Liberty High School - Director James Weaver

Liberty High School.

Lone Star High School - Director Mark Poole

Lone Star High School.

Memorial High School - Director Jason Nitsch

Memorial High School.

Reedy High School - Director Gavin Smith

Reedy High School.

Wakeland High School - Director Tanner Smith 

Wakeland High School.

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