District Marching Bands Crescendo at Showcase

Oct 04, 2019

IHS at the Marching Band Showcase.The 2019 Marching Band Showcase kicked off what parents jokingly call Bandtober, a play on the month of October, when the marching band competition season kicks into high gear. 

The fourth annual showcase was an opportunity to see all 10 Frisco ISD high school marching bands perform in one place for one night. The grand event exhibited the talent of hundreds of students and staff across Frisco ISD.  

“Over time, the students will forget the drill and the music they performed this marching season but they will never forget what it feels like to be on the field with their best friends doing what they love,” said Chris Cansler, fine arts coordinator.

Bands combined theatre, dance, visual and performing arts into one truly memorable piece.

In performance after performance, students showcased the fruits of their labor from the past 10 weeks. Each movement took the audience on a journey. Props traveled, the sound ebbed and flowed to grand crescendos that brought chills across the stadium. The choreography of the color guard showed grace and strength during each musical movement.

Marching band performances are more than sheer entertainment, they provide an opportunity for the community to gather in support of music education. The bands have the opportunity to see other’s performances and experience the intellectual creativity that each band brings to the field. The bands are encouraged to have a growth mindset to learn from those around them.

After each performance, students embraced and their pride and camaraderie was clearly evident. Their sheer professionalism was admirable as they moved to the stands to watch subsequent bands perform.

Between each performance, the parent-led volunteer pit crews ran to ensure transitions were smooth and quick. It is clear that volunteers help the world go ‘round in the marching season.

“I was completely blown away by the volunteers,” said Trustee Anne McCausland. “It takes a huge support system and the District is thankful to the outstanding volunteers who work behind the scenes with the band.”

With four weeks left in the competition season, October is sure to be busy. Good luck to all of the Frisco ISD marching band ensembles at competitions this season.

To find more photos, follow the fine arts department on Twitter, Facebook and follow #FISDFineArtsLeads 

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