Help FISD Gauge Community Interest in Full-Day Pre-K

Sep 23, 2019

Take the Pre-K SurveyFrisco ISD will utilize a community survey to help plan for the expansion of Pre-Kindergarten from a half-day to full-day program for eligible four-year-olds starting in the 2020-21 school year. 

Several factors contribute to the eligibility for Pre-K, including whether the student is the child of an active-duty military member, is economically disadvantaged, has difficulty comprehending the English language and more.

There may also be opportunities for students who don’t qualify for the free program to participate in a tuition-supported program.

“Full-day Pre-K has been a priority of the school district for some time and we are extremely excited to see it grow and serve even more families,” said Pam Orr, Frisco ISD director of special programs. “We know Pre-Kindergarten is key for helping students develop early language, reading and math skills that ensure a successful transition into kindergarten and beyond.”

Frisco ISD’s current Pre-K program serves four-year-olds in a three-hour daily program at the Early Childhood School. The program is free for qualifying students and busing is provided from the student’s home elementary school. A limited amount of space is also available through a tuition-supported program to students whose families do not meet the requirements to attend for free. In that case, transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parent.

There are numerous factors for FISD to consider as it looks to expand the Pre-K program to full-day, including enrollment, space, transportation, program requirements and more. 

Frisco ISD’s Pre-K program follows the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and provides an environment and faculty totally focused on the pre-academic, language, social, emotional and physical needs of young children. 

”We want to make sure that as we expand, we maintain the same high-quality program for students with consistent rigor and expectations between classrooms,” said Melissa Ellis, assistant director of early childhood. “FISD has a standard of excellence and we are using this school year to explore partnerships and plan for full-day program needs, such as increased staffing, possible classroom modifications and new furniture and materials, as we work to ensure a smooth and successful transition to a full-day program.”

To aid in the planning process, the District has developed a survey, available in both English and Spanish, to evaluate interest in the program among eligible families. In addition to parents of students who may qualify for the free program next school year, FISD also wants to hear from families who have younger children and families who would not expect to qualify to attend for free but would potentially be interested in a tuition-supported program. This will help the District gauge broader interest in Pre-Kindergarten and plan for enrollment over the next several years. 

Take the survey now through Oct. 21, 2019 at

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