Centennial Teacher Recognized by the Texas Lawyers Auxiliary

Jul 31, 2019

Shannon Rosenfeld Teacher of the Year.

The Texas Lawyers Auxiliary, an organization affiliated with the State Bar of Texas, named Centennial High School teacher Shannon Rosenfeld the 2019 Texas Lawyers Auxiliary Law-Related Education Teacher of the Year. 

Rosenfeld has taught government and economics for the past 18 years, including 14 years in Frisco ISD. She also currently serves as an instructional coach and curriculum writer. 

“I love teaching subjects that have a clear resonance and applicability to the lives of seniors who are actively going through a transition stage in their lives,” Rosenfeld said. “I have the honor of teaching them real-life topics they can apply immediately in the world around them.”

After intense competition throughout the state, Rosenfeld was chosen based on her passion, innovation and commitment in the field of law-related education. She inspires her students, mentors other teachers and consults with the Law-Related Education program for the State Bar of Texas. 

“I love teaching teachers across Texas about how to adopt and implement what can sometimes be complex content in a way that can work in a variety of settings,” Rosenfeld said.

“Frisco ISD and Centennial have provided a supportive environment that has allowed both my students and my own children to thrive. I am proud of the culture we have that strikes a balance between academia, school spirit and fun while providing a safe environment. We provide a rigorous academic path but it’s surrounded by love and compassion.”

One of the three judges who selected her commented that she stood out among the other fine candidates through her certiorari projects and other engagement with her students, as well as with her consulting with legislative involvement.

Rosenfeld sponsors Youth in Government, which provides students the opportunity to actively learn about civic participation through a legislative-based competition. Students have the opportunity to write a bill and then debate at the capitol through a simulated legislative process. 

Centennial High School Principal Alicia Maphies is thrilled that Rosenfeld has been recognized as a masterful teacher of both students and educators alike.

“She challenges her students with real-world meaningful content and activities, giving them opportunities that reach far beyond the traditional classroom walls,” Maphies said. “Equally as impressive, she inspires her colleagues to grow and challenge themselves as educators as well. She demonstrates incredible leadership throughout our campus and District, and does all of this with truly respectable and admirable heart and passion.”

Rosenfeld’s goal as a civic educator is to strengthen the political debate by sharpening the minds of her students and sending them into the world to engage in a healthy, respectful manner. She encourages her students to formulate their own political positions rooted in fact and reasoning as they begin their active participation in our democracy.

“I love helping students learn to think for themselves,” Rosenfeld said. “We have real conversations about what matters to them and the courses I teach naturally complement each other.”

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht will present a framed certificate and the $1,000 Teacher of the Year Award to Rosenfeld at the Texas Law Center in Austin in early October.

While Rosenfeld does not currently have plans for her award money, she has big plans for the coming year’s lessons, including a project-based learning assignment that will guide students to make a plan to help a struggling community. 

Congratulations to Shannon Rosenfeld on her well-deserved honor and for always encouraging students to think big.

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