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Corbell Teacher Named Texas PTA Elementary Teacher of the Year

Jul 10, 2019

Bethany Jones PTA Elementary Teacher of the Year.Corbell Elementary School third grade teacher Bethany Jones has been chosen as the Texas Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Elementary Teacher of the Year.

“She represents not only Corbell but also the entire District,” said Holley Themer, president of the Corbell Elementary PTA. “The award couldn’t go to a more caring, compassionate and devoted teacher.”

Jones was shocked when she received a text in early July revealing that she had won the award.

“I was notified of my nomination this past spring and I completed a series of short essay questions and basically forgot about it,” Jones said. “I found out when I was in the middle of doing laundry and it was extremely surreal. This is all extremely humbling.”

The award recipient is chosen through a nomination process. The TX PTA gives anyone who wishes to nominate a deserving teacher the ability to do so through an online application process each year. 

Individuals from Texas nominated teachers, and the TX PTA awards the recipients based on that application and nomination process. 

Clearly, Jones’ recognition is no small feat.

The next step will be the award presentation at a luncheon during TX PTA's Launch Conference in late July when others will get to join in celebrating her accomplishments as an educator.

Corbell Principal Brenda Youngblood knows that Jones deserves this honor.

“Jones embraces every opportunity to meet the needs of our students. She differentiates instruction to ensure every student gets what they need,” Youngblood said. “She works to set goals for herself as a learner as well as those she works with daily.”

Jones has had a heart for Frisco ISD and its students for over 15 years. In her final year of college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, during her student teaching, she would make the drive to Frisco daily from Sherman. Her dedication landed her a teaching job later that year and she has been dedicated to the students and community of Frisco ISD ever since.

“As a teacher and parent, I try to teach my students that anything worth having comes from hard work,” Jones said. “At one point I struggled with math and I was blessed to have a teacher who helped me think through problems and problem solve. As a math teacher who understands the struggle, I am able to connect with my students. Just because something is hard now, doesn’t mean it will always be hard.

“Everyone can learn. Whether a student struggles or excels in math, there is always more to learn.”

Jones knows that teaching is what she is called to and takes it very seriously.

“As a teacher, I am trusted by parents daily and I do my best to connect with everyone - at Corbell, we are a family. Frisco ISD is about family.”

The Corbell PTA supports teachers and students throughout the school year to make sure all students feel like they are part of a family. They organize a number of activities each year and make sure teachers feel valued whether they are in their first or fourteenth year.

“At Corbell, we show students that it is okay to rely on and trust others. Through the PTA,  teachers, parents and students work together and care about the larger community,” Jones said. “As a campus, we try to create a servant’s heart and instill a sense of caring beyond ourselves.”

Bethany Jones is a teacher whose abilities go well beyond her classroom.

“The love, compassion and empathy she shows her students is a gift that they will carry with them long after they leave our Corbell hallways,” said Themer, the Corbell PTA president. “She equips students with knowledge, self confidence and empowerment. She helps them develop a lifelong love of learning and leadership.” 

Congratulations to Jones on her well-deserved recognition and the Corbell PTA for their continued campus support.

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