Newman Elementary is Officially a Model PLC Campus

May 28, 2019

Solution Tree Model PLC Graphic 2019.Newman Elementary has joined an elite group of approximately 140 elementary schools around the world that have earned the designation as a Solution Tree Model Professional Learning Community (PLC) school.

When Newman opened in 2014, the campus staff immediately included PLCs as part of the fabric of how they approached every aspect of the school. From interviews to professional development, Newman strives to walk the walk.

All campuses in Frisco ISD use the Professional Learning Community collaboration model to ensure educators work and learn together in promotion of individual and collective student growth by turning visions into reality.

Newman has a collaborative teacher culture rooted in continuous improvement and timely support of student needs.

“Our staff is dedicated to developing all students and are honored to receive such recognition,” said Newman Principal Rachael Gilbert. “We feel our work in growing our knowledge base in providing high levels of learning for students is of utmost importance.”

In order to receive this designation, expert PLC practitioners assessed the campus with three key criterion including:

  • Evidence of a commitment to learning for all students

  • Evidence of a collaborative culture

  • Evidence of a focus on results

Once measurable results are seen, the school must explain its practices, structures and culture and submit an application for consideration by the Evidence of Effectiveness PLC Review Committee.

Newman exhibits the criterion through established systems that align with their commitment for student success and campus actions in monitoring student growth.

Teacher-developed common formative assessments and they data they provide is reviewed regularly by teachers and campus leaders to determine targeted next steps for instruction.

Newman Elementary’s high-performing, collaborative teams focus on improved learning for all students. Each day, teachers are provided 45 minutes to analyze data, develop common formative assessments and dive into District curriculum and resources.

The campus leaders not only work collaboratively within grade-level teams, but vertically as well. Newman has established vertical committees in reading, math and writing. Subject leaders from each grade and resource teachers meet regularly to review campus goal data, develop strategies for continued improvement and plan professional development opportunities to share new information with the rest of the Newman staff.

“Our campus’ vision is to work collaboratively to provide our students with quality instruction and we have also had a great time in doing so,” Gilbert said. “I’m so very proud of our school because it certainly embodies our motto, ‘Every student matters. Every moment counts.’”

To learn more about the Newman Elementary PLC process and successes, click here. Recognized model PLC schools are listed on where they share implementation strategies, structures and performance with other educators interested in improving their schools. The site was developed and is maintained by Solution Tree, a leading provider of educational strategies and tools that improve staff and student performance.

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