Middle Schoolers Show Their Smarts at State GeoBee

Apr 10, 2019

2019 GeoBee Student with Teacher.2019 GeoBee Students and Teachers.2019 GeoBee Students.

Out of the 100 students from across the state who met in Bedford for the Texas State National Geographic Geography Bee, nine of the invited competitors were Frisco ISD middle school students.  

Prepping for the GeoBee is not for the weak of heart. Tested material includes but is not limited to social studies, earth and space science, the environment and culture.  Among the questions students might face:

  • What has been found in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania?

  • Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and which other country?

  • The field-dwelling ring-necked pheasant is which Great Plains state‚Äôs official bird?

Resources can be found online with hundreds of questions to test your smarts and see how you would potentially compete.

Two Frisco ISD students placed in the top 10 at the state GeoBee. Ajay Narayan, an eighth grader from Wester Middle School, placed sixth, while Awatar Aryal, a seventh grader from Nelson Middle School, placed ninth in the state.

Notably, eighth graders Ajay Narayan of Wester Middle School and Jayanth Pandit of Pioneer Heritage Middle School made return visits to the state GeoBee.

Congratulations to all students who won the GeoBee on their individual campuses and those who competed at the state GeoBee.

State Qualifiers

Fowler Middle School
Kaarthik Chapati - 7th grader

Griffin Middle School
Minami Krembs - 8th grader

Nelson Middle School
Awatar Aryal - 7th grader - 9th Place in State

Pearson Middle School
Alexander Danko - 7th grader

Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Jayanth Pandit - 8th grader

Roach Middle School
Agniv Sarkar - 6th grader

Trent Middle School
Shyam Sundar - 7th grader

Vandeventer Middle School
Satvik Duddukuru - 8th grader

Wester Middle School
Ajay Narayan - 8th grader - 6th Place in State

FISD School  Winners

Abhijit Jannapureddy of Clark Middle School
Geetan Madala of Cobb Middle School
Connor Knudson of Hunt Middle School
Rishi Natarajan of Lawler Middle School
Joshua Nutt of Maus Middle School
Achuthan Mennon of Scoggins Middle School
Sarath Tangeda of Stafford Middle School
Ty Wilkenson of Staley Middle School

Frisco ISD supports students in the participation of meaningful academic competitions as a way to challenge themselves academically and to get more involved in their school.

Click here learn more about the academic competitions offered through the District.

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