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Frisco ISD eNewsletter: April 5, 2019

Apr 05, 2019

Texas Legislature Works to Reform School Finance

The Texas House of Representatives has advanced a bill to the Senate that would overhaul the current system for funding public schools, while also providing property tax relief. House Bill 3

would mean as much as an additional $31.5 million in funding for Frisco ISD in the 2019-20 school year compared to existing law. It would also greatly reduce recapture or “Robin Hood” and save the average FISD homeowner approximately $307 this year in property taxes.

The House and Senate agree on how much to spend on public education and property tax reform in the next two-year state budget, but still must reconcile differences over how to allocate the dollars for public education.


FISD Earns National Recognition for Music Programs

Frisco ISD has once again been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education in the United States. The honor recognizes districts for outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. The designation reflects strong participation and support for music programs, including funding, instruction time, facilities and graduation requirements.This is the fourth time FISD has won the award from The NAMM Foundation.


Frisco ISD Serves Record Number of Pre-K Students

The Frisco ISD Early Childhood School (ECS) enrolled its 1,000th student this week, the most the school has ever served in a single school year. The campus, which opened in 2009, serves three- and four-year-olds who qualify for half- or full-day Pre-Kindergarten based on state and federal guidelines, as well as students who need special education services. Research shows early childhood education has a tremendous impact on student achievement and educational outcomes. The school district supports increased funding to expand student access to high-quality Pre-K programs.


Develop the Whole Child

Frisco ISD is committed to supporting students’ social, emotional and mental health needs. Each month, teachers share lessons with students to help them develop important life skills and positive character traits.

The last focus of the school year is grit, displaying passion and perseverance for long-term goals even when progress is difficult or slow. Students with grit stick with commitments and ask others for feedback about how they can improve. Help your child develop grit by acknowledging and recognizing hard work and effort over the end result.


Help FISD Make a Difference For Students In Need

Frisco ISD is working to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds through a book drive promoting summer reading. Research shows 80 percent of the achievement gap between middle-income and lower-income children accrues during the summer. FISD hopes to collect at least 3,500 new books by the end of the school year to give a minimum of one book to each qualifying elementary or Pre-K student.

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