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FISD High Schools to Offer Cardiac Screenings for Student Athletes

Mar 06, 2019

Frisco ISD cares about your child’s heart health, so we are partnering with The Cody Stephens Go Big Or Go Home Memorial Foundation (GBOGH) to screen students with an ECG (electrocardiogram). An ECG, also known as an EKG, can detect issues in the heart that can be missed in a standard physical. Please consider signing up your child for this very important screening.

A simple cardiac screening can help detect problems before they become major medical issues. While we recommend all active students get an ECG, you should definitely be screened if you:

  • compete in high impact sports that increases heart rate for long periods of time
  • have a family history indicating that there is a heart disease risk
  • get dizziness during athletics
  • experience fainting spells or weakness while participating
  • get shortness of breath that does not clear quickly
  • get chest pain while participating

The screening is available for $20 per student. The opportunity is open to students in grades 8-12, including all athletes and those who participate in band, drill team or cheerleading. FRISCO ISD CONSENT FORM.

The dates and times are as follows:

  • March 26 (7:30 AM - 10 AM): @ Lebanon Trail HS; Participating Schools (Liberty, Centennial, Fowler, Vandeventer, Clark, Wester, Lawler).
  • March 26 (2:30 PM - 5 PM): @ Heritage HS; Participating Schools (Independence HS, Nelson, Scoggins, Maus, Roach).
  • April 3 (2:30 PM - 5 PM): @ Reedy HS; Participating Schools (Frisco HS, Hunt, Pearson, Pioneere Heritage).
  • May 1 (2:30 PM - 5 PM): @ Lone Star HS; Participating Schools (Memorial HS, Wakeland HS, Stafford, Trent, Staley, Cobb, Griffin)

For more information on this opportunity, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions The Cody Stephens Go Big Or Go Home Memorial Foundation or contact the Athletic Department at your child’s school.

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