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Six Students Advance to Collin County Spelling Bee

Jan 25, 2019

Top Six Finishers in Frisco ISD Spelling BeeSpelling Bee Champion Anveeth Vietla

Top spellers from Frisco ISD elementary and middle schools met on stage this week for a battle testing their precision, memory and wit.

Forty-six students participated in the Fifth Annual Frisco ISD Spelling Bee at Frisco High School. Each student won a spelling bee at his or her elementary or middle school to qualify for the contest – a feat in its own right.

One by one, students took their turn at the microphone, spelling words of varying difficulty.

After 16 rounds, it was Fowler Middle School eighth grader Anveeth Vietla who took first place after successfully spelling the word "tussive." The word, which is made up of a Latin part plus an English part, means relating to, of the nature of or caused by a cough.

Vietla previously won the District spelling bee in 2016. He and the other five top finishers advance to the Collin County Bee, scheduled February 7 in McKinney.

Congratulations to the following top FISD spellers and all those who participated in the contest:

  • First Place - Anveeth Vietla, eighth grader at Fowler Middle School

  • Second Place - Sanjana Kota, seventh grader at Lawler Middle School

  • Third Place - Ayush Javvadi, fifth grader at Ashley Elementary

  • Fourth Place - Navya Dubey, sixth grader at Maus Middle School

  • Fifth Place - Rishi Nemmani, fourth grader at Comstock Elementary

  • Sixth Place - Anishka Desai, sixth grader at Clark Middle School

The top four winners at the Collin County Bee will advance to the Dallas Regional Spelling Bee on March 9.

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