District Cheerleaders Show Heart at UIL Spirit Competition

Jan 24, 2019

Lebanon Trail Cheer at Spirit UIL Competition.Cheerleaders across Frisco ISD traveled to Fort Worth this past weekend dressed in full dress and athletic gear ready for the annual UIL Texas State Spirit Competition in Fort Worth.

District cheerleaders are no strangers to the sacrifices and dedication as they embody both athleticism and artistic ability in a highly competitive sport.

After a season of cheering at football, volleyball and basketball games, the girls were ready to display their school spirit for everyone across the state.

“During the season, games are as important for us as it is for the teams we are cheering on,” said Memorial High School Cheer Captain Grace Stuckey. “The Spirit Competition allows us to show just how hard we have been working. It means everything to us.”

Each team had the opportunity to perform on stage three different times to lead the audience through typical performance pieces. The crowd leading competition provided the team the opportunity to get the audience involved through a cheer while the fight song and band chant highlighted school spirit in collaboration with the band. With very little time between each performance, the teams had little time to relax before prepping for their next show off.

Frisco High School Cheer at Spirit UIL Competition.“This is different than competitive cheer outside of school. It’s all about who can show the most spirit and showing off what we have worked on all year,” said Frisco High School Cheer Captain Zoe Moscowitz.

The teams across the District faced their own unique struggles whether they dealt with athletic injuries or worked to build a brand-new program. Memorial High School’s team is made up of students who were at Heritage, Lone Star and Wakeland high schools last year. On top of that, they have youngest team members in the District as they are made up of freshmen, sophomore and juniors.

“Over the course of this year, we have really become a team,” said Memorial Freshman Captain Landry Terra. “We have each others’ backs and we have learned to truly trust each other.”

The sheer athleticism of the teams was evident in the ankle braces, athletic tape and the ability of the teams to perform stunts seemingly effortlessly.

After a tumultuous competition and an outstanding display of spirit from all the Frisco ISD schools that competed, the District snagged four well-earned Top 20 recognitions.

Reedy Cheer at Spirit UIL Competition.In the 5A Division Two Championship, Reedy High School took 17th place, while Lebanon Trail High School finished 18th out of almost 70 schools.

Out of 55 schools, Independence High School finished 16th place while Liberty High School took 18th place in the 5A Division One Championship.

Congratulations to the District top 20 teams and all teams who competed in the event this year.

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