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Hosp Elementary Recognized as a Model PLC Campus

Dec 20, 2018

Hosp Elementary School is a Model PLC School.Hosp Elementary has joined an elite group of approximately 215 schools around the world that have earned the designation as a Solution Tree Model Professional Learning Community (PLC) school.

All campuses in Frisco ISD use the Professional Learning Community collaboration model to ensure educators work and learn together in promotion of individual and collective student growth by turning visions into reality.

In order to receive this designation, expert PLC practitioners assessed the campus with three key criterion including:

  • Evidence of a commitment to learning for all students

  • Evidence of a collaborative culture

  • Evidence of a focus on results

Hosp has worked toward the goal of becoming a model PLC school since the summer of 2014 and is committed to PLC concepts based on clear evidence of improved student learning.

“Our staff collaborates across grade levels during ‘House Collaborative Planning’ and within their grade level during their normal collaborative planning time,” said Hosp Principal Aaron Else. “We made the move to become a "House Model" school with a focus on future-ready students, meeting the social-emotional needs of our students, using the Olweus Anti-Bullying Curriculum and implementing challenge-based learning.”

An explanation on the House Model collaboration can be found here.

Once measurable results are seen, the school must explain its practices, structures and culture and submit an application for consideration by the Evidence of Effectiveness PLC Review Committee.

“Our teachers have also noted a greater understanding of the needs of other grade levels and noted they now have relationships with students across grade levels and not just within their grade level,” Else said.  

The PLC mindset is second nature to the staff, students and parents at Hosp. Student learning is consistently monitored on a regular basis, systems of intervention and extension are readily available, and high-performing collaborative teams are the norm on campus.

Recognized model PLC schools are listed on, where they share implementation strategies, structures and performance with other educators interested in improving their schools. The site was developed and is maintained by Solution Tree, a leading provider of educational strategies and tools that improve staff and student performance.

“We are not done yet with our PLC journey,” Else said. “We will continue to take steps because we know that a true PLC is not a destination but a continuous work in progress and we are just getting started.”

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