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Twenty-One Frisco ISD Students Achieve Top ACT or SAT Scores

Nov 16, 2018

SAT and ACT students at Board meetingFrisco ISD is proud to recognize the students who have scored the highest possible composite score on either the ACT or SAT. The FISD 2019 graduating class is the eighth consecutive class to have students who will graduate with top scores.

Top scores account for less than one-tenth of one percent of all students who take these exams across the country. When considering the nearly 1,100 public schools districts in Texas, Frisco ISD ranks in the top 20 on both SAT and ACT performance.

The highest score achievable on the SAT is a 1600. The test assesses the verbal and mathematical ability in college applicants and is notorious for its rigorous vocabulary.

According the to the 2018 SAT Suite Annual Report, the national average score is 1068 while the Texas average is 1032. The average score for the FISD class of 2018 was an 1187.

Students who recently scored a 1600 on the SAT include:

Karissa Lonon, Wakeland High School, Class of 2019
Sujay Vadlakonda, Reedy High School, Class of 2020

The highest score on the ACT is a 36, which covers English, reading, math and science. The Class of 2018 had an average composite ACT score of 20.8 nationally, while Texas averaged 20.7. The FISD class of 2018 earned an average score of 24.7.

Students who scored a composite score of 36 on the ACT include:

Kean Chastain-Howley, Wakeland High School
Ryan Chen, Centennial High School
Isaac Clark, Wakeland High School
Cassidy Ehrman, Heritage High School
Pranav Eswaran, Reedy High School
Patrick Flaherty, Wakeland High School
Antara Gupta, Reedy High School
Raman Gupta, Liberty High School
Saahithi Joopelli, Liberty High School
Hannah Kim, Heritage High School
Kaitlyn Liu, Independence High School
Aniket Matharasi, Liberty High School
Brayden Miller, Liberty High School
Shalini Namuduri, Independence High School
Rishi Ponnekanti, Wakeland High School
Oliver Shi, Wakeland High School
Tarun Sontam, Lone Star High School
Sruthi Sureshi, Liberty High School
Matthew Zhang, Reedy High School

Frisco ISD students continue to excel on SAT and ACT thanks to the support of parents and teachers. Information about upcoming SAT or ACT administrations, practice tests and test prep can be found through the Guidance and Counseling Department.

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