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Campuses Across Frisco ISD Honor Veterans

Nov 13, 2018

Fisher Elementary Hosts Veterans in the Library for a ReceptionCommander Scott Sabau Speaks to Students at Trent Middle SchoolGuests at Trent Middle School Stand for National AnthemFisher Elementary Wall of HonorFisher Elementary Veterans Stand to be RecognizedFisher Elementary School Treats for Troops Donation TableFisher Elementary students say Pledge of Allegiance

Veterans Day, a day to honor and thank all who serve in the United States Armed Forces, was celebrated throughout Frisco ISD with a variety of observances.

Elementary students decorated hallways with patriotic artwork, hosted receptions for veterans and held Veterans Day programs. These assemblies invited hundreds of veterans to campuses across the District as students paid tribute with patriotic songs, photo slideshows, walls of honor and choir performances.  

At Fisher Elementary, students and staff continued their tradition of supporting active troops through a program called Treats-for-Troops. The Kids-In-Action club, led by Lisa Garwacki and Peggy Honaker, teamed up with the Airborne Angel Cadets in a donation drive to assist soldiers currently stationed overseas.

The Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas is a local non-political non-profit that specializes in sending care packages to over 12,000 troops in all branches of the military. Students collected comfort items to fill military troops’ basic needs such as packaged food items and personal  care products.

Adam Robinson, third grade teacher, organized the first set of donations in 2009 after an inspiring Student Council Leadership Convention. Fisher Elementary School has embraced it as a campus tradition ever since.

“Students are able to show an appreciation to our military troops in that we are extremely grateful for their sacrifices to our country,” said Lisa Garwacki, counselor at Fisher. “In addition, students embrace the sense of gratitude to appreciate the simple things in life. It’s a little reminder not to take things for granted.”

Middle school students also held receptions and programs showcasing student talent in honor of veterans.

Trent Middle School was one of several campuses to host a veteran or active member of the military as guest speaker. Commander Scott Sabau, a Trent parent and Navy pilot, joined a school assembly live from a Florida airbase where he is currently training. He told students the core values of the Trent P.A.C.K, including purpose, attitude, commitment and kindness, would serve students well in the military or life in general.

“Contribute to something bigger than yourself and never give up if you want to be successful,” Sabau told students. “Live with these values, and you can do anything.”

Some schools also opted to participate in letter writing campaigns and social studies lessons underlying the deep history and significance of joining the USAF, including lessons on the significance of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

At the high school level, various departments across each campus collaborated on commemorative events including songs by the choir, presentations by theatre departments, music from orchestras, patriotic artwork and veteran keynote speakers.

Frisco ISD staff and students are proud to wear red, white and blue in support of veterans and military personnel who serve our country.

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