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Secondary Schools to Move to Nine-Week Grading Periods

Nov 09, 2018

Students in classroomFrisco ISD secondary schools will shift from six-week marking periods to nine-week marking periods beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

FISD joins several other area ISDs who have moved to nine-week grading systems at the secondary level in recent years.

According to the District calendar, each semester will be divided into two, nine-week grading periods, with a total of four grading periods for the year.

Nine-week reporting periods allow greater time for student feedback and give students more time to demonstrate what they know before final grades are recorded. This shift allows teachers more time to assess a student’s grasp of concepts, giving the teacher time to reteach or reassess, as necessary.

“With a longer grading period, there are more opportunities for students to earn grades to exhibit mastery,” said Kathie Blanton, Wakeland High School math instructional coach. “The benefit of a nine-week grading period allows students more time to learn complicated concepts and more time for intervention prior to grade posting.”

Longer grading periods also increase the opportunity for students to maintain eligibility for longer periods of time. Students will have the opportunity to regain eligibility at the three-week and six-week progress report.

Secondary parents have the opportunity to check grades at anytime through the Home Access Center.

Principals, counselors, directors and coordinators formed a committee in 2017 that spent a great deal of time weighing the pros and cons of making the change before officially making the recommendation in November of 2017.

This shift aligns with the District’s mission to know every student by name and need. Frisco ISD believes that the primary purpose of assessment is to provide timely and continuous feedback to students, teachers and families to guide learning.  

The nine-week shift will not impact STAAR/EOC testing, school hours, graduation requirements or holidays.

Frequently asked questions regarding the move to 9-week grading periods are available at this link.

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