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Frisco ISD Students Test Out of Over 1,000 World Language Credits

Oct 29, 2018

World Languages Welcome Frisco ISD is now partnered with Avant Assessments to offer students the ability to earn up to four years of Languages Other than English credit via a single assessment.

Since its inception in May, 483 tests have been administered in FISD that have earned students more than 1,000 credits. While the majority of credits earned have been in Spanish, students have also earned credit in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Tamil and Vietnamese.

Frisco ISD is only the fourth district in Texas to roll out this opportunity following in the footsteps of Amarillo, Cypress-Fairbanks and Plano ISDs.

“Frisco ISD’s utilization of Avant language assessments is strategically aligned with our commitment to student opportunity and choice,” said Katie Kordel, District chief academic officer. “Providing additional paths for our students to earn world language credit is another exciting way we are working to meet their diverse needs.”

The world language assessments follow the state standards with the goal of ensuring post-secondary readiness. World languages comprise all of the top ten languages spoken in Frisco ISD and include:

Mandarin (Simplified & Traditional)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Somali Maay Maay
Somali Maxaa

The Avant Assessment encompasses speaking, listening, reading and writing. In order to determine how much credit a student will receive, the assessment is adaptive and adjusts its difficulty based on how the student performs.

The assessment gives a proficiency rating to each of the four components of language and based on those scores, a student can earn multiple years of language credit from a single assessment. It is not necessary to take multiple exams for multiple years of credit.

Students can use earned credits to skip language classes and begin in a higher level course, or they can skip taking a foreign language altogether if they receive at least two years of credit. While this exam may grant credit(s), it does not impact GPA.

The test takes 1.5-2 hours to complete all components and is administered during the District Exam for Acceleration and Credit By Exam testing window.

The registration deadline is Nov. 30, 2018, for the upcoming January 2019 test. Students interested in participating in the assessment should contact their counselor.

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