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Community Group Develops Master Plan for Frisco ISD

Jul 26, 2018

A committee of Frisco ISD community members, parents, students and staff will present recommendations to the Board of Trustees next week, outlining a strategy for the continued success of the school district.

The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee was tasked with evaluating student enrollment projections, school building capacities and facility and maintenance needs as FISD continues to grow and many buildings in the District age.

In addition, members examined the District’s goals and objectives regarding academics, security, technology, athletics, fine arts and transportation. Topics ranged from what can be done to create even more opportunities for students to how technology can further support future-ready learning. Members also learned what it would take financially to reduce class sizes at all levels and continue to boost teacher pay, among many other topics of conversation.

“It really has been a two-year journey to get to where we are today,” said Sean Heatley, co-chair of the committee who previously served on the District’s Long-Range Planning Committee and Priorities-Based Budget Stakeholder Committee.

Frisco ISD has worked to increase transparency and community involvement in the planning and decision-making process. That has meant dozens of meetings over the last two years to share information and solicit input from the community.

“I have gained a better understanding of the sheer complexity of the FISD story,” Heatley said. “As a parent and community member, I am part of the process, in the room providing feedback. I can ask clarifying questions to get more perspective or provide a new perspective.”

FISD employees have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to working with community groups. Committee members say that availability and openness has increased trust and allowed the community to hear from a variety of voices within the District.

“Any time we are able to have staff come in and discuss the issues at hand, we ask questions and learn more,” said Debbie Pasha, committee co-chair. “The previous work of the other committees has also helped guide our process and give it direction.”

For example, the Long-Range Planning Committee explored the District’s high school model in fall 2017. A clear majority of the committee, as well as respondents to a community survey, supported continuing to cap high school student enrollment at approximately 2,100 students in grades 9-12. That insight meant the Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee could develop a plan for the future based on the current model which promotes student opportunity.

“For me, it’s about providing future students with the same experience that my son has had in FISD,” said Pasha, who also served on the Long-Range Planning Committee and co-chaired the 2014 Citizens' Bond Committee. “We’ve been learning about the current state of affairs in Frisco ISD and how we can continue to fulfill the District’s mission to know every child by name and need.”

The Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee will present its recommendations to the School Board during a special meeting on Thursday, August 2 in the FISD Administration Board Room, 5515 Ohio Drive. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public. It will also be streamed live online at meeting agenda

Visit the committee website to learn more about their work.

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