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Frisco ISD Announces Nominees for Teachers of the Year

Mar 07, 2018

Teachers of the Year The first round of nominees for Frisco ISD Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year have been announced!

The new program recognizes teachers for their success in the classroom and celebrates educators’ personal and professional accomplishments.

Each campus selected one educator to be considered for the District-wide award. Five elementary and five secondary teachers will be selected from the group of nominees to form a list of 10 finalists. From that list, one teacher will be named Frisco ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year and one teacher will be named Frisco ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.

A team of judges from across the community will judge the nominees using a blind-review process. Winners will be announced later this spring.

Congratulations to the following campus nominees for Frisco ISD Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year:

Allen Elementary, Yaminah Tucker
Anderson Elementary, Hilary Guillot
Ashley Elementary, Elisa "Lisa" Bendickson
Bledsoe Elementary,  Amy Knapp
Boals Elementary, Debi Xaver
Borchardt Elementary, Samantha "Sam" Cox
Bright Elementary, Katherine Johannes
Carroll Elementary, Leah Daggon
Centennial High School, Jaime Herran
Christie Elementary, Raquel Matney
Clark Middle School, Suzy Scott
Cobb Middle School, Heather Williams
Comstock Elementary, Heather Morris
Corbell Elementary, Christi Schettler
Career and Technical Education Center, Michelle Kelly
Curtsinger Elementary, Merrily McInnis
Early Childhood School, R. Hamlin Jones
Elliott Elementary, Megan Tumulty
Fisher Elementary, Julie Ricketts
Fowler Middle School, James Do
Frisco High School, Alison Davis
Griffin Middle School, Katie Lee
Gunstream Elementary, Marliese Bordman
Heritage High School, Misti Perry
Hosp Elementary, Jaimi Campos
Hunt Middle School, Erin Jewell
Independence High School, Meg Reichard
Isbell Elementary, Karen Anderson
Lebanon Trail High School, Valerie Adams
Liberty High School, David Mraz
Lone Star High School, Anna Ray
Maus Middle School, Nicki Norman
McSpedden Elementary, Kailey Hessel
Miller Elementary, Stefanie DeWolf
Mooneyham Elementary, Shara Cooper
Nelson Middle School, Rebecca Farr
Newman Elementary, Amy Wilson
Nichols Elementary, Jennifer Schell
Norris Elementary, Sarah Corrigan
Ogle Elementary, Courtney Mathews
Pearson Middle School, Lisa Turzai
Phillips Elementary, Heather Upchurch
Pink Elementary, JT Mistr
Pioneer Heritage Middle School, Tracy Viars
Purefoy Elementary, Amy Parra
Reedy High School, Maggie Parker
Riddle Elementary,  Meghan Powers
Roach Middle School, Lauren Swaringen
Robertson Elementary, Renee McClure
Rogers Elementary, Carter Forsong
Scoggins Middle School, Jason Carpenter
Scott Elementary, Kim Karp
Sem Elementary, Patricia Mahoney
Shawnee Trail Elementary, Marla Nolan
Smith Elementary, Janie Dockweiler
Sonntag Elementary, Alyson Prior
Sparks Elementary, Kiana Cornell
Spears Elementary, Jenn Sherer
Stafford Middle School, Jenn Elder
Staley Middle School, Darla Ledbetter
Student Opportunity Center, Beena Stephen
Tadlock Elementary, Samantha Tipton
Taylor Elementary, Kim Koon
Trent Middle School, Vicki Baughman
Vandeventer Middle School, Amber Sharp
Vaughn Elementary, Desi Schamaun
Wakeland High School, Belinda Keith
Wester Middle School, Dori Cohn

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