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FISD All-State Band and Choir Students Announced

Jan 22, 2018

The Frisco ISD Fine Arts Department is proud to announce the 27 band and three choir students who have earned a spot in a Texas Music Educators Association All-State ensemble. All-State orchestra students were announced in November.

The students from the following high schools will perform in February at the TMEA convention:


Centennial High School

Andy Ahn, Bb Clarinet

Taylor Allyn, Bb Clarinet

Dylan Brandon, Cornet/Trumpet

Jacob Kwon, Eb Clarinet

Jude Morris, Tenor Trombone

Srinivasa Puilpaka, Cornet/Trumpet

Frisco High School

Lauryn Evans, Piccolo

Heritage High School

Neil Barrozo, F Horn

Hannah Kim, Flute

Nicholas Lu, Bassoon

Jackson Prasifka, F Horn

Kahlan Yenney, Bassoon

Independence High School

Brandon Herzog, F Horn

Lebanon Trail High School

Catherine Zhou, Flute

Liberty High School

Edward Chen, Alto Saxophone

Caitlyn Hazzard, Tenor Trombone

Richard Huang, Oboe

Jisu Kang, Bb Clarinet

Mark Shi, Bb Clarinet

Charles Yang, Bb Clarinet

Daniel Yang, Bass Clarinet

Lone Star High School

Joseph Esserine, Euphonium

Colin Peterson, Contra-Bass

Daniel Szczechowski, Tenor Trombone

Reedy High School

Ryan Bae, Bb Clarinet

John Kaiser, Bassoon

Wakeland High School

Sebastian Quiroga, Tuba


Heritage High School

Tristen Smith, 4th Chair, Bass, 2 Large School All-State Mixed Choir

Ileagh MacIvers, 5th Chair, Alto, 1 Large School All-State Treble Choir

Lebanon Trail High School

Steven Lu, 2nd Chair, Bass, Small School All-State Choir

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