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FISD Campuses Conserve Energy and Win Contest

Dec 08, 2017

Frisco ISD is proud to announce the campus winners of an energy-saving competition designed to encourage staff and students to develop smart, conservation habits.

The Fall FISD 2017 Energy Reduction Competition began on September 1 ended on November 30, with a total savings of more than $168,700. This is the third energy contest in which FISD schools have participated.

The total electricity used for those three months was compared to September, October and November of 2016. The winning schools and other competing schools reduced electrical usage by 1,533,355 kilowatt hour (kWh). The competition was composed of seven different groups with 10 schools in each group.

The top three winners in each division received cash prizes, funded by savings from reduced electrical bills. The winners have been awarded prizes of $2,000 for first place, $1,500 for second place and $1,000 for third place. The money is put into the school’s activity fund, which principals may access for various campus needs, events and programs that will enhance the educational experience of students.

The winners are:

High Schools:

1st: Centennial with a reduction of 144348 kWh

2nd: Lone Star with a reduction of 85,432 kWh

3rd: Frisco with a reduction of 78,726 kWh

Middle Schools Group 1:

1st: Griffin with a reduction of 43,404 kWh

2nd: Wester with a reduction of 35,585 kWh

3rd: Stafford with a reduction of 34,851 kWh

Middle Schools Group 2:

1st: Pioneer Heritage with a reduction of 38,577 kWh

2nd: Scoggins with a reduction of 34,483 kWh

3rd: Cobb with a reduction of 30,286 kWh

Elementary Schools Group 1:

1st: Curtsinger with a reduction of 46,605 kWh

2nd: Sparks with a reduction of 44,971 kWh

3rd: Gunstream with a reduction of 41,043 kWh

Elementary Schools Group 2:

1st: Ashley with a reduction of 60,167 kWh

2nd: Borchardt with a reduction of 47,570 kWh

3rd: Pink with a reduction of 31,006 kWh

Elementary Schools Group 3:

1st: Robertson with a reduction of 47,849 kWh

2nd: Purefoy with a reduction of 22,246 kWh

3rd: Sonntag with a reduction of 22,071 kWh

Elementary Schools Group 4:

1st: Vaughn with a reduction of 29,340 kWh

2nd: Comstock with a reduction of 14,452 kWh

3rd: Phillips with a reduction of 12,210 kWh

During this same period of time there was a video contest where schools could send in a 1 to 3 minute video showing how their school saves on utilities.  The winning videos for high schools, middle Schools and elementary  schools would receive a $1,000 prize.  Five middle schools and four elementary schools submitted videos. Riddle, Gunstream, McSpedden and Pink were the elementary schools. Stafford, Trent, Clark, Pioneer Heritage and Roach were the middle schools entries.

The winning videos are:

 Pink Elementary:

Trent Middle School:

You can view the other schools’ videos on their individual dashboards in the Frisco ISD building dashboards, which provides campus-by-campus data on energy and water consumption. 


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