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FISD Boasts 19 All-State Orchestra Students

Nov 14, 2017

Nineteen Frisco ISD orchestra students have been accepted into the prestigious Texas Music Educators Association All-State ensembles.  

“This is a six-month long process with students starting to learn full-length professional-level etudes in May. At the end of July, they begin preparing eight professional-level audition excerpts. Many of these are the same level as auditions for professional symphonies. However, in order to even record their audition, they must be accepted into the All-Region orchestras, which is yet a third set of music, “ noted Julie Blackstock, Liberty High School orchestra teacher and District secondary lead  orchestra teacher . “Once they have recorded their audition, it is submitted to the state to be judged against all the other students on that instrument from the State of Texas who have also submitted. Ultimately only 112 violinists, 42 violists, 42 cellists, 41 bassists, seven  harpists, and seven pianists are accepted out of all those who auditioned.”

Fine Arts Director Richard Oldham and Assistant Fine Arts Director Preston Hazzard have expressed their great pride in the achievement of these FISD students and noted that two of the 19, Kyle Monk of Independence High School and Meghan Le of Liberty High School have both earned All-State honors for all four years of their high school careers.

The following students were accepted into these All-State ensembles.


Centennial High School

Brian Lee (11), violin

David Moon (11), harp

Nikki Naghavi (11), violin

Independence High School

Kyle Monk (12), cello *

Shalini Namuduri (11), violin

Lebanon Trail High School

Kathleen Hopkins (09), harp

Marian Ma (10), harp

Liberty High School

Kaeon Cho (09), violin

Reedy High School

 Andrew Choi (11), cello

Clara Kim (09), violin


Centennial High School

Justin Kim (10), viola

Emily Yu (11), viola

Heritage High School

Kevin Kao (12), violin

Independence High School

April Chung (10), violin

Liberty High School

Meghan Le (12), violin*

Jonathan Peng (10), violin

Reedy High School

Kevin Wang (12), piano


Centennial High School

Dennis Park (09), viola,


Lebanon Trail High School

Isabel Tu (10), harp

*denotes four years as All State


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