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New Teacher Breakfast Welcomes Educators to District

Aug 18, 2017

More than 500 newly hired Frisco ISD educators, including Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip, joined the FISD principals and administrators to kick off what is sure to be a fantastic year of learning at the annual New Teacher Breakfast at Heritage High School.

Hiring teachers is always a big part of the FISD summer. “Finding the right person to meet the needs of students and to complement a team and faculty is one of the most critical responsibilities of a campus leader. Our principals work diligently interviewing candidates to fill each open position with the best possible teacher. Our goal is to have these teachers as a part of the Frisco ISD family for years to come, and the New Teacher Breakfast sets a positive tone as we welcome new educators. FISD is fortunate to have the support of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce in hosting this annual event.,” according to Dr. Pamela Linton, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

Frisco ISD, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and many businesses that support FISD share a long tradition of hosting a fun event for new teachers. This year’s theme was superheroes and the teachers were invited to have their photos made with Marvel Comic hero props as a keepsake of their new status. CoServ, a strong FISD and Frisco Education Foundation partner, was presenting sponsor this year. Through an endowment from CoServ, the Frisco Education Foundation awarded $8,236 in grants to be given to teachers to use in setting up their classrooms. Thirty-two new teachers were randomly selected at the breakfast to receive grant money.

Interviewing and hiring is a long and intense process often beginning before the end of the previous school year. A chance to sit down over breakfast and chat is a great way for principals and new teachers to bond.

Principal Aaron Else of Hosp Elementary, which is located in the fast growing southwest portion of the District, hired ten new teachers this year and he spent the breakfast quickly getting to know their stories of college, family, and why they wanted to come to FISD.

Every new educator is a hero in process, and sometimes they have a great back story, as well.

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