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Author Discusses Factors Contributing to Student Success

Feb 02, 2017

Frisco ISD hosted best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Madeline Levine during a free parenting seminar on Tuesday, January 31.

Dr. Levine highlighted a trend she has observed in teenagers who seem to have everything going for them. Studies show smart, well-liked and seemingly confident teens from affluent, loving families are experiencing epidemic rates of depression, substance abuse and anxiety disorders – rates higher than in any other socioeconomic group.

Dr. Levine discussed how materialism, pressure to achieve, perfectionism and disconnection can impact students and their development. She also offered advice on how to raise children with a healthy sense of self.

Check out the video of her talk. 

If you’re interested in reading Dr. Levine’s book, The Price of Privilege, you may use discount code DRLEVINE35 to receive a 35 percent discount and free shipping on your purchase at

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