FISD Sweeps National Contest for Reducing Water Consumption

May 07, 2015

Frisco Independent School District was recently recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a top finisher in the annual Energy Star National Building Competition: Team Challenge.

Frisco ISD was recognized for reducing water use, which resulted in approximately $486,766 in savings.

More than 100 teams and 5,500 buildings from across the country competed in the fifth annual Battle of the Buildings to obtain the greatest reduction in energy use and water consumption over the course of a calendar year.

Altogether, competitors nationwide saved a combined total of more than 2 billion kBtus of energy, more than 250 million gallons of water and an estimated $50 million on utility bills.

Frisco ISD submitted four teams to the competition, grouping high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and non-school buildings on separate teams.

FISD teams placed first, second and third of all the teams participating in the water efficiency portion of the competition nationwide.

  • The group consisting of Frisco ISD high schools finished in first place with a reduction of 44.3% in water usage and an estimated $213,146 in savings.
  • The group consisting of non-school buildings finished in second place with a reduction of 41.9% in water usage and an estimated $40,614 in savings.
  • The group consisting of FISD middle schools finished in third place with a reduction of 39.2% in water usage and an estimated $144,284 in savings.
  • The group consisting of FISD elementary schools did not place in the competition, but finished with a reduction of 23.8% and an estimated $88,722 in savings.

The District significantly cut back irrigation in 2014, as North Texas suffered from severe drought and area lakes experienced historic lows.

Among the measures utilized in FISD to encourage water conversation:

  • A central control system is used to create watering schedules and monitor flows for leak detection.
  • Computerized sensors indicate rain and soil conditions and help determine the need for watering.
  • Staff members work closely with counterparts with the City of Frisco and other FISD municipalities to adhere to watering restrictions and reinforce best practices.
  • New building specifications include pressure compensating heads and drip irrigation where appropriate.
  • Reclaimed water is currently used for irrigation at Bledsoe Elementary and will soon be utilized at Reedy High School and Pearson Middle School as well. Additional campuses may be added in the future depending on infrastructure.

FISD hopes to build on past successes when it comes to the efficient operation of school buildings and other District-owned facilities.

“We appreciate this acknowledgement of the efforts of our staff and students in regard to conservation,” said Dr. Jeremy Lyon, Frisco ISD Superintendent of Schools. “It is a significant part of our strategic planning effort to focus on ways to be more energy efficient and to save money and preserve natural resources, and this honor validates those objectives.”

For more information on the Energy Star National Building Competition, including top overall finishers and top finishers by building category, an interactive map of competitors, and a wrap-up report visit

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