New Frisco ISD Schools to Address Student Growth

Mar 06, 2013

Frisco ISD Plans Six New SchoolsNo school district in the country has grown faster in the last 20 years.

Enrollment in Frisco ISD schools recently surpassed 43,000 students and is expected to climb by about 3,000 students each year.

To meet the demands of increasing student enrollment, the District plans to open one new high school and two new elementary schools in fall 2014. In addition, one new high school, one new middle school and one new elementary school are expected to welcome students in fall 2015.

“Frisco ISD continues to be a destination district for families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” said Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon. “It’s no surprise. Frisco ISD has a strong tradition of excellence in and out of the classroom and our students graduate prepared to succeed in college, career and life.”

All six campuses will be funded under the District’s 2006 bond program.

They will bring the total number of Frisco ISD schools to 62 for the start of the 2015-2016 school year, including 8 high schools, 14 middle schools, 36 elementary schools and 4 special programs centers.

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“We’ve tried to take a conservative but proactive approach in addressing student growth,” said Richard Wilkinson, Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations. “Taxpayers expect us to be responsible with their money and we’ve been able to stretch available bond funds much longer than originally anticipated.”

Construction of Independence High School, Frisco ISD’s seventh high school, is already underway at 10555 Independence Parkway. Click here to follow the progress.

The zoning process to create boundaries for Independence High School will begin this fall with a final decision expected in October or November. Independence will relieve Heritage, Liberty and Centennial high schools when it opens in fall 2014.

Construction of two elementary schools, to be located in the northeast and northwest sections of the District, is expected to begin this summer. They are also slated to open in fall 2014.

Those elementary schools can now be referred to by name. The FISD Board of Trustees voted to name the schools for retired educator Janice Stahly Scott and James Reeder Newman, grandson of one of the area’s first pioneer families.

Scott Elementary will be built in the Reserve at Westridge subdivision at the northeast corner of Millbend and Eden Drive in McKinney. It will relieve Mooneyham, Sonntag and Ashley elementary schools.

Ms. Scott retired from FISD in 2010 after 33 years of service. She taught for 18 years at the elementary, middle and high school levels and opened the library at Curtsinger Elementary in 1995. In all of her roles, Janice was known to go the extra mile and do whatever she could to help her students and others.

Newman Elementary will be built in the Newman Village subdivision at the southwest corner of Newman Boulevard and Briar Ridge Road. It will relieve Robertson, Phillips and Pink elementary schools and possibly Carroll Elementary.

The Newman family has been a part of the community since settling here in 1841, before there was a Frisco and before Texas joined the Union. The family’s grandson, James Reeder Newman, inherited family land and was known for boarding teachers in his home and providing shelter to children during rain or snow when they had trouble getting home from school. There are several sixth generation Newmans still living in Frisco, continuing the legacy of service and support of youth as was modeled for them.

Plans are also in the works for the schools set to open in 2015.

During their March meeting, members of the School Board heard from representatives of SHW Group, the architectural firm designing the District’s eighth high school. The group also recently finalized a new prototype for Frisco ISD elementary schools.

Trustees inspected a model of the general layout of the high school and were invited to weigh in on its exterior design. The school will be built at the southwest corner of Stonebrook Parkway and 4th Army Memorial Road and will relieve Frisco and Wakeland high schools.

In addition, Frisco ISD expects to open an additional middle school and elementary school in fall 2015.

  • The middle school will be built at the southeast corner of Legacy Drive and Panther Creek Parkway. It will relieve Stafford Middle School.

  • The elementary school will be built inside the Phillips Creek Ranch subdivision west of Bledsoe Elementary. It will relieve Nichols Elementary and possibly Bledsoe.
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