Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Students can begin as early as their third birthday. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in all phases of the educational process. Instruction is based on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is determined after evaluation has been completed.

There may be several instructional personnel working together for the benefit of the student.  These staff members may include, but are not limited to, an educational diagnostician, speech language pathologist, nurse, special education teacher, instructional aide, occupational and/or physical therapist. Early Childhood Special Education services are based on evaluation, eligibility and the student’s IEP. Children 3-5 years of age with an identified disability and a need for special education services may receive services in one of the following options dependent upon the unique needs of the child. ECSE services are located at the Early Childhood School (ECS) and at Pre-Kindergarten elementary campuses. ECSE services will be provided at the designated Pre-K campus, unless the IEP indicates a need for services that are only available at the ECS.

Walk-In Speech Therapy Services

This service is for children who have articulation, moderate syntax, voice or fluency delays. Therapy is delivered in a small group setting (1-4 students). The child typically attends 1-2 times per week for 30 minutes. The curriculum is IEP-driven.

Preschool Language Class

This service is for children who are able to indicate wants and needs with some degree of expressive verbal ability, such as producing simple rote phrases or combining one noun with either a modifier (more cookie or cookie gone), verb (want cookie) or another noun (Mom cookie). The children may have receptive language delays, though appear to have developmentally appropriate motor, cognitive, self-help, social and behavioral skills.

Preschool Speech Class

This service is for children who exhibit severe phonological delay (multiple phonological processes to be addressed). Phonological processing difficulties may be impacting expressive language skills as well. Receptive language skills are intact, and these children appear to have developmentally appropriate motor, cognitive, self-help, social and behavioral skills.

Preschool Fluency Intervention Group

This service is a speech therapy setting that addresses speech disfluencies and related concerns/risk factors for preschool-aged children.

Preschool Classroom

This setting is for children who need a classroom-based program that focuses on speech/language, motor and pre-academic development as well as daily living skills. These classrooms may be integrated with pre-kindergarten classes in order to provide a fully-included environment, or a child may spend some time in both special education and pre-kindergarten classrooms. Some students may spend their full amount of instructional time in a special education classroom. The amount of time in a special education setting is determined by the ARD/IEP Committee.

Structured Learning Classes (SLC) and Active Learning Classes (ALC) are also provided at the preschool level as determined by the ARD/IEP Committee.

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