Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

The mission of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is to provide a collaborative atmosphere where parents of students receiving special education services can provide input and feedback on District SPED initiatives and provide a parent perspective regarding current trends in special education. Committee members will also learn about local special education practice and services.

Committee Purpose 

The purpose of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is to provide insight, perspective and recommendations for Special Education services in Frisco ISD.

Committee Chair

Garrett Jackson

Committee Membership

Committee membership is limited to parents of students with disabilities who are receiving special education services.

Committee Commitment

The SEPAC will meet once every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the school year. 

Term Limits

Members will serve a 1-year term beginning in September each year and ending at the end of the school year. All members are required to reapply each year if they want to remain on the committee.

Appointment Timeframe

Members are selected after the application closes each year and remain on the committee through the last day of school for that school-year.


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