The Texas Legislature has not yet passed legislation related to online learning in the 2021-22 school year. It is possible that Frisco ISD may need to adjust plans for the Virtual School option outlined below based on guidance from the state. Track the current bills

Frisco ISD Virtual School


The Frisco ISD Virtual School is a permanent, full-time public school that will serve students in grades 3-12 starting with the 2021-22 school year. There is no cost to attend the school, but enrollment is open to students who live within the FISD boundaries only.

Students who exhibit success learning online will continue to find opportunities to excel in the FISD Virtual School. Class offerings will meet all grade level and graduation course requirements, but participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics and fine arts will not be an option as a full-time Virtual School student. 

Classes in the Frisco ISD Virtual School will be taught by Frisco ISD teachers utilizing the Frisco ISD curriculum. Teachers and students will be provided with high levels of support at both the campus and District level. Full-time staff will work exclusively with virtual students throughout the school year.

Frisco ISD is excited to provide students with permanent access to online learning through the introduction of the Virtual School as the newest Frisco ISD School of Choice.

Student Readiness

While many students have thrived with virtual learning, we know that it may not be the best fit for all students. A successful FISD Virtual School learner should:

  • View themselves as strong academically and as a lifelong learner

  • Be comfortable communicating and interacting with peers and teachers

  • Be proactive and resourceful in their learning

  • Be a self-directed learner

  • Want to be part of a learning community

  • Maintain self-control as different situations arise in the course of a day

  • Be very comfortable using digital resources and the District’s learning management systems

Frisco ISD has developed several resources to help families determine if the Frisco ISD Virtual School is the right fit for their student/s.‚Äč

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