Teen Squad

  • Current and former FISD high school students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or difficulty navigating their social world.

  • “Teen Squad” is a youth group that has been established to encourage opportunities for like-minded FISD adolescents, who are in high school. This unique program provides a forum for discussions and social interactions, facilitated by professionals and parents, who work personally with children on the Autism Spectrum and/or those who have difficulty navigating their social world.

    Our goal is to offer a safe environment in which teens feel secure and can form trusting and lasting friendships, while providing instruction that makes life more comfortable for them and those around them. We will be training the group on how to handle specific social situations and behaviors, while offering opportunities to “practice” and enjoy these skills at planned activities and social events. This program places distinct emphasis on social protocol, understanding perspective and personal space, development of friendships, character education, participating in groups, respectful conversation, exchanging compliments, first impressions, appropriate dress standards, organization, dating, personal hygiene, bullying and other areas of social behavior.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that it is an expectation that consistent attendance will be maintained for the stability of each teen that comes, as well as, the dynamics of our group. We know that with children on the autism spectrum, consistency, expectations, routine, structure, and trust are key components in promoting a successful experience. Our enrollment will be limited, so if your child is not able to attend regularly, his/her spot in the program will be given to another student who is eager to participate.

    New students to the program will be given an assessment period. During their initial group time, our facilitators will: record his/her needs (along with parent input), observe interactions with others in the group to determine dynamic, and consider social abilities to interact appropriately. Also, the student’s ability to sit and attend to an activity with no more than an occasional verbal prompt, the ability to participate in discourse in a group with 1:20 student to staff ratio, and a personal desire to practice social skills will be the criteria to determine if he/she qualifies for the services provided in Teen Squad.

    There will be a $25 per semester fee to assist with the costs for snacks, drinks, materials, and some social outings. Additional expenses may incur for the family, depending on our activity for that meeting time. We will let you know in advance, so you can plan accordingly. It is our privilege to work with such a special group of teens, and we are grateful for the support you can offer on behalf of this non-profit program.

    If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to contact us at the following email addresses:

    Megan Walls, In-Home/Parent Trainer & Teen Squad Facilitator

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