eLearning Tips

eLearning Tips

Designate a Learning Space

  • Instead of trying to recreate school at home, create an environment that encourages your child to develop a new learning style and allows them to be successful in an eLearning environment.

  • Focus on minimizing distractions (noise, too many supplies, etc.).

  • Create a comfortable space that encourages your child to want to extend learning. When learning something challenging, comfort matters!

Develop a Routine

  • Help your child create a balanced schedule that fits his or her and the family's needs. Reflect with your child and make adjustments to the schedule as needed.

  • Review the eLearning lesson plans with your child and help them make a plan for pacing their learning. Plan more time for topics that are challenging. Reach out to your teacher for additional help if needed.

  • Movement and brain breaks are essential. Intentionally plan for breaks throughout the day

Set Expectations

  • Discuss behavior expectations for your child's learning time. Consider any expectations needed to fulfill the parent's work/personal/learning facilitator responsibilities.

  • Encourage your child to advocate for his or her needs and communicate with the teacher when necessary.

  • At the end of the day, review the accomplishments and celebrate what went well. If needed, create a checklist for the following day.

Use Your Resources

  • Reference the eLearning lesson plans communicated by your child's teacher.

  • Visit the FISD eLearning Resources link on your campus website for support with digital tools.

  • Teachers are available for assistance during daily office hours.

  • Visit friscoisd.org for the most up-to-date information.

Be Flexible

  • eLearning is designed so that parents/guardians offer support to the learning structure and reinforce learning goals, not serve as the homeschooler.

  • Your child is used to working independently without 1:1 attention from the teacher at all times. A good balance is to remain close to assist them in staying on task, but not feel guilty about allowing them to complete work on their own.


  • Discuss the challenges you and your child face and celebrate the achievements.

  • This opportunity will allow your child to become a more resilient learner. Embrace the growth mindset.

  • When the day is done, switch your focus to home: rest and recharge.

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