Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning

As of March 16, all in-person classes in Frisco ISD have been suspended and replaced with virtual instruction and other alternative learning options.

Education is a service to which our district is resolutely committed and we are taking this strategic approach to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 through eLearning opportunities.

While the District continues to work with local and state health officials on this rapidly changing situation, we want to continue to meet the needs of students at a distance. We appreciate your support and patience during this time and encourage your family to stay home during this remote learning period.

While the frequently asked questions below address some issues, some of your questions may best be answered by your campus teachers and administrators. Please check back periodically as this page will change based on the needs of the community.

The FISD eLearning plan is focused on facilitating an asynchronous eLearning model. Asynchronous learning allows groups of students to study independently at different times and locations from each other, without real-time communication taking place. Asynchronous eLearning is student-centered and provides more flexibility. The idea is that students can learn on any device, anywhere, anytime and on any browser.

Asynchronous learning provides flexible support. This approach respects the variety of situations students might be encountering at home, allowing students to log on at different times throughout the day.

  • Teachers will be available during virtual office hours. The virtual office hours are Monday 1-3, and Tuesday-Friday 9-11 and 1-3.

  • Teachers will monitor student work and provide feedback.

  • Teachers will respond to student questions in a timely manner.

  • Students have until Sunday at 11:59 pm to submit/complete the work for each of their classes.

  • The learning is asynchronous so students can complete assignments at any time within the assigned work week.

  • If students have questions (including technology-related questions), they need to contact their content area teacher first. 

  • Teachers will respond within the virtual office hours each day. The virtual office hours are Monday 1-3, and Tuesday-Friday 9-11 and 1-3. Teachers will actively monitor email and do their best to get back with you each day.

No. With asynchronous learning, students are not expected to adhere to the A/B-Day. Instead, students have expectations to meet by the end of the week and can meet those requirements on their own schedule.

Parents and students will find lessons on their campus website. The lessons are tied to the subject area teacher.

Amounts of work are largely dependent upon the grade level. A student will not be asked to complete unreasonable amounts of work, and activities should not require initial instruction from parents/guardians or other caretakers. A student may need some assistance just as they would on typical homework. If work becomes overwhelming and time-consuming, please make a note for your student’s teacher and move on to the next activity.

The final grading period for the 2019-20 school year started on March 23. Students are expected to participate in all required activities and assignments.

 Grades are being taken during the final nine weeks of the school year and are one valuable way to provide feedback to students on the mastery of essential skills and knowledge that are being taught through eLearning. Grades offer a quantifiable record of mastery over a specific period of time. Continuing to take grades allows for consistency with FISD’s typical practices.

 The District strongly values verbal and written teacher feedback, student reflection and other evidence of student learning.

 Beginning at the first of this marking period, all grades will be incorporated into one category. At secondary schools, there are no longer “Major” and “Minor” grading categories. These and other adjustments are designed to benefit and support students as they transition to a new format of learning. All students will continue to receive their identified accommodations during eLearning.

 Contact the campus if you have any specific questions regarding your student.

Teachers will have plans and activities no later than noon on Mondays and will be available to answer questions via email during virtual office hours. While teachers will respond to emails during office hours, secondary teachers have upwards of 150 students and there could be a slight delay in responses.

Elementary, secondary and bilingual students have access to numerous tutorials through the RAIL Program. Click here to learn more.

Secondary students have access to numerous tutorials through the RAIL Program. Click here to learn more.

The building principal is also available via email to answer questions.

Each student has the week to complete his/her required activities. Additional time will be given if circumstances warrant it or if required per accommodations.

TEA has issued guidance that districts will be granted waivers for days as long as instructional support is provided to students. The District plans to apply for an instructional minute waiver and looks forward to continued direction from the State.

During this unprecedented time, Frisco ISD continues to work with local and state health officials to meet the needs of students at a distance. We are taking the situation day by day and look forward to communicating updates with the community.

No, asynchronous eLearning provides student-centered flexibility. Students can learn on any device, and anywhere and anytime on any browser and should expect to turn in their work by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Please check your student’s English Language Learning teacher’s page for special directions and support.

Many services can be provided online, including specially designed instruction. Paramount will be continued progress monitoring to ensure students are not slipping. As this evolves, ARD meetings may need to occur to make certain student needs are met.

Your student’s special education teacher will work with classroom teachers to ensure work is appropriate and modified when necessary. In addition, please check your student’s resource teacher’s page for additional directions or support.

Instructional staff who provide services to our students with disabilities will make every effort to deliver the service minutes indicated in each student’s IEP utilizing the platforms available. When services return to the classroom setting, IEP teams can meet to determine if additional services are needed.

The education of our students is dependent on our entire community. While the idea of online instruction or blended learning is not new to our instructional team, moving instruction fully online is a journey that we will all navigate together.

Please reach out directly to your case manager for guidance on your child.

The District has been collaborating with Scottish Rite on ways to provide continued services. With their guidance, the District is making videos and planning to continue to serve these students at a distance. Scottish Rite has been a great partner and we value their continued guidance.

ARD and 504 meetings will still be able to happen virtually, if all parties agree. We will work with individual families regarding timelines to ensure maximum participation and compliance. The District is expecting additional guidance from the Department of Education and TEA.

Parents should expect to receive a call regarding their child’s educational needs.

Effective Monday, March 23 the majority of Collin College dual credit classes will be available in an online format for the foreseeable future. 
Though we will be offering classes online, in order to provide academic support and instruction, Collin College libraries, computer, math and writing labs remain open and operational, allowing students in need to receive the help they need for their classes. We may make adjustments to open hours or the number of personnel on duty as needed. Please note that we will be practicing recommended social distancing. Our libraries have expanded the online chat capabilities, providing additional librarians to assist students during the libraries’ hours of operation. The writing center is prepared to offer online appointments Sunday-Thursday. The math labs are also prepared to offer online assistance.
Withdrawal Deadline Extension. For full-semester Spring 2020 courses, the course (or courses) withdrawal deadline has been extended from March 20 to March 30, 2020. Students are able to withdraw from classes on CougarWeb and should also email their high school counselor. A “W” does appear on the transcript for any withdrawals at this point.  Prior to withdrawing, students should talk with their professors and/or their counselors. As a reminder, at this point in the semester, there are no refunds on withdrawn courses.

Governor Greg Abbott announced that he has waived the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing requirements for the 2019-20 school year. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) plans to develop additional methods to ensure that students are learning and ready to succeed at the next grade level. These discussions are ongoing and the state will provide more information as it develops.
Also, the make up testing for the SAT during the school day that was scheduled for March 25 and the SAT on May 2nd has been canceled. 
The April 4 ACT is canceled. Families impacted by this are being directly communicated with.

The Frisco ISD AP Testing page has the latest information from testing dates, to revised timelines and refunds.

There will be significant changes to the Advanced Placement (AP) exams this spring due to COVID-19. The College Board has developed a revised testing process this year to allow students the opportunity to take their exams and potentially earn college credit. The College Board has been in communication with hundreds of colleges around the country and there is a strong commitment to honor the AP exams and provide students with college credit based on the typical university policies.  

AP teachers within Frisco ISD will be providing specific information and guidance to students through the eLearning platforms and will continue to prepare students for the revised exam process over the next five weeks leading up to the AP exams. AP teachers will explain the exam changes for each course and instruct students on how to best approach the revised exam format. Students are strongly encouraged to take their AP exams. 

For full details on the changes, visit the College Board website

The principals on campuses have facilitated the distribution of thousands of devices to make sure all students have access to the tools they need.

The District is thankful for the companies that are going above and beyond to ensure families have access to the wireless technology they need in order for students to be successful. Of note, thanks to an FCC agreement, providers are waiving late fees, not cutting off service for lack of payment and providing hot-spots. Click the providers below to get their latest offers, with many offering free internet:

If it is not feasible to access the internet from your home, please communicate with your student’s teacher to determine alternative opportunities to complete the required activities.

Zoom has been working to help teachers navigate these new waters by setting up some default security settings and sharing best practices with teachers. The teacher’s Zoom link should be only for students in the teacher’s class and not shared publicly through social media. Here are some default settings that were recently added to help with teacher’s Zoom accounts.

  • Screen sharing settings within the teacher’s account have automatically defaulted to “Only Host.” This setting gives hosts sole permission to share content within their meetings by default.

  • Waiting room feature by default is enabled. This allows participants to “sit” in a waiting room until the teacher admits them into the Zoom meeting.

Frisco ISD will be providing "to go" meals to FISD students Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. At the time of pickup, a packaged lunch for the day will be provided as well as a breakfast for the following day. Meals will be provided free of cost to students. Families interested in participating in the pickup meal program must complete the form sent to them from their principals so that we can accurately plan for meals. Learn more about the meal program. 

  • Hunt Middle School, 4900 Legendary Drive, Frisco, TX 75034

  • Lawler Middle School, 12921 Rolater Road, Frisco, TX 75035

  • Pearson Middle School, 2323 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, TX 75036

  • Roach Middle School, 12499 Independence Parkway, Frisco, TX 75035

  • Scoggins Middle School: 7070 Stacy Road, McKinney, TX 75070

  • Trent Middle School, 13131 Coleto Creek Drive, Frisco, TX 75033

Frisco ISD is working with Frisco Fastpacs, which will be providing weekend meals, and Lovepacs, which plans to provide pacs for families starting Wednesday. The community is encouraged to reach out to these organizations for opportunities to donate and support their cause.

The District is immensely thankful for their partnership.

Campus Transfers based upon address changes are on hold during the closure window.

In an effort to maintain relationships, consistency and continuous access during the eLearning window, Frisco ISD would like to keep your student enrolled at their current campus. At this time, campus transfers will not occur for the “current school year” until campuses re-open.

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