Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has become a term used by many vendors and companies to sell curriculum and services to school districts. The Guidance and Counseling Department uses highly qualified practitioners from within the department, rather than outside vendors, to create all of our curriculum. We prioritize this internal process two ways: 

  • Provide the required educational focuses required by the state 

  • Write curriculum within the district with evidence-based practices for academic success

Because of this method, our district has been able to focus only on the state requirements in a rich and meaningful way. For the FISD Counseling Department, we focus on developing personal skills in social settings, thus creating opportunities for emotional development in a social setting (SEL).

Approaching SEL in this way allows us to develop a systematic and intentional approach to build a safe school culture, provide trauma-informed practice, and establish Tier 1 behavior instruction. Each week, at every level, our campuses engage in instructional time to address learning as it relates to self-awareness and to build social-emotional skills. Throughout the school day and through continued interactions with students, teachers work to build off the common language established during class meeting time to further impact a community of social-emotional wellness.

If you would like to preview Frisco ISD lessons written by our department, you can login to The Gateway and search “SEL” where you will see the SEL Tile. Be sure that you are logged on as a guardian. For any other SEL content in the district, you can refer to the Teaching and Learning Department.

SEL Gateway Tile

If you would like to be a part of our community that values strong character, we encourage you to access our monthly character focuses and incorporate them into your own family. You can also support other students through our mentoring program. Resources for partnership in character development can be found below.

  • September- Creativity 

  • October- Proactivity 

  • November- Honesty

  • December- Kindness

  • January- Self-Control

  • February- Emotional Intelligence

  • March- Grit

  • April- Judgement

  • May-Gratitude 

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