Online/Hybrid FISD+ Program Admissions Process

Students who reside within Frisco ISD and provide acceptable proof of residency are eligible to apply for a one-year commitment. Students may qualify for the online or hybrid models of FISD+ based on guidelines prescribed by Senate Bill 15, including if the student: 

  • Passed the on-level STAAR/EOC exams or FISD equivalency

  • Passed all classes

  • Less than 10 unexcused absences

Step 1

Step 2

  • The application form is open. Spots are still available for FISD+ and we will now take candidates on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are timestamped and once we fill to capacity the application will close. Before applying, please review the FISD+ Application Instructions.

Apply Now

Filling out the application form does not automatically guarantee a spot in the part-time hybrid or full-time online FISD+ programming. The admissions committee will check to make sure the student meets admissions criteria. Based on Senate Bill 15 guidelines, FISD must cap enrollment at 10 percent for each campus and grade level.

The application and information for students who live in the Frisco ISD boundaries but are not currently enrolled can be found on the FISD+ Non-Enrolled Student Process page.

Step 3

Students that meet admissions criteria are chosen through a lottery, and once approved, will be sent a commitment form via email. Students who enter in the Spring semester will receive their commitment form in December. Students who enter for a full school year will receive their commitment form in the summer. Students must fill out the commitment form prior to the closing date of the FISD+ admission window. 

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