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Did you know? By law, Frisco ISD cannot advocate for the passage of ballot measures. The District can only provide factual information regarding an election.

FISD Lowers 2018 Tax Rate

Voters who live in Frisco ISD will see two separate propositions on the November ballot. The bond election would authorize the District to issue $691 million in debt to finance the construction of new schools, renovations to existing facilities, security measures and more. The Tax Ratification Election (TRE) would raise the operations portion of the property tax rate by 13 cents. A Board-approved resolution would then reduce the debt portion of the tax rate to offset the increase, resulting in a two-cent overall decrease to the total tax rate. This tax swap would provide millions of dollars of additional operational funding to address recommendations made by the Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee, while allowing FISD to meet its debt obligations.

2012 - 2017 Tax Rate Proposed 2018 Tax Rate Rate Change
$1.04 for maintenance and operations (M&O) $1.17 for maintenance and operations (M&O) 13 cents
$0.42 for interest and sinking (I&S)
$0.27 for interest and sinking (I&S)
15 cents
Total: $1.46 per 100 valuation
Total: $1.44 per 100 valuation*
2 cents

*State law requires very specific language be used for a TRE proposition. Although $1.57 is listed on the ballot, Frisco ISD will not utilize that tax rate, regardless of the outcome of the election. If voters approve the higher maintenance and operations tax rate, a Board-adopted resolution will simultaneously lower the debt rate after the election.

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Frisco ISD will host a series of town halls this fall to help voters better understand the ballot propositions. Make plans to join in-person or tune in live on Facebook at

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