Frisco ISD, the 3rd largest school district in North Texas and one of the most diverse in the nation, welcomes approximately 1,500 new students annually. These new students join an academically successful community of 60,000+ learners with unique talents, perspectives, and cultures. With over 72 home languages other than English spoken and approximately 60% students of color, FISD is proud of the beautiful ethnic, racial, and religious tapestry of its students.

diversity chart

balloonKidArtboard 2

represents the % of FISD students of color in 2011

balloonKidArtboard 2+ balloonKidArtboard 2 copy represents the % of FISD students of color in 2015

balloonKidArtboard 2+ balloonKidArtboard 2 copyballoonKidArtboard 2 copy 2represents the % of FISD students of color in 2019

Frisco ISD is committed to academic excellence and personal success for each student in our care. We understand that in order to fulfill our commitment, we must:

  • See and embrace our students as the unique individuals they are,

  • Develop systems of support to meet their educational varying needs,

  • Utilize equitable instructional practices while ensuring access to a rigorous curriculum,

  • Provide opportunities that challenge the growth and development of each student,

  • Design learning experiences in a welcoming and affirming environment, and

  • Create opportunities for ongoing student, parent, and community engagement.

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