About the Program

Frisco ISD schools recycle all paper and cardboard, and much more! Students lead our recycling programs under the supervision of a lead teacher on each campus. 

Classroom Recycling

Each campus has a team of students that organize classroom recycling. The Environmental Lead staff member and the students teach the campus about what they can recycle. Students pick up the recycling each week and provide feedback to the campus.  We feel like student ownership of their waste process is an important learning and leadership opportunity.

Cafeteria student recycling

Our campuses recycle cartons, cans, and bottles in the cafeteria.  Our staff works hard to teach our students how to reduce their food waste.   We divert our excess liquids away from the  landfill, through the use of liquid dump buckets.  Campuses also have the opportunity to participate in the Share Table Program, which collects unopened and uneaten food.  


FISD believes in the learning opportunities that gardening provides. Many of our campuses build and maintain their own gardens.

Paper Use

Tree Hugger Award - FISD recognizes the campus at each level (elementary, middle, and high school) that uses the least paper per student.  

 Advanced printing data statistics and tracking are employed to better understand and reduce our use of paper.  

Print Shop - Our print shop utilizes technology that allows for more efficient paper printing when compared to smaller, less advanced printers.  

Extra Items

In cooperation with Frisco Environmental Services, the following special items are recycled in our FISD buildings

  • Batteries

  • Plastic Bags/Packing Film

  • Printer Cartridge

  • Shoes

Department Sustainability Efforts

Child Nutrition

FISD Child Nutrition has committed to saving resources by minimizing single use items and maximizing reusable cafeteria trays. Compostable pulp based trays are used for emergencies.  Bowls at high schools are compostable. Salad and sandwich containers are made from recycled plastic.  All boxes and cans are recycled. All invoicing is paperless.  Energy and water use are prioritized when purchasing cooking equipment.


The FISD Maintenance department is committed to conserving energy. Utility use is tracked digitally across all buildings. Advanced technology is employed to identify and resolve energy anomalies. The Maintenance Department warehouses parts that can be reused for future repairs. Maintenance recycles all batteries. Light bulbs are not disposed of the trash. A vapor recovery system is used for light bulbs.


The Technology Department cooperates with the City of Frisco to recycle large volumes of styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic film. Energy conservation is an important consideration in all purchasing. All technology is wiped of data and recycled through a certified company. The technology department is a key component in our quest for paper use reduction throughout the district.


The FISD Custodial Department plays an important role in our recycling program. They are responsible for recycling all of our cardboard and other large items. Custodians keep our cafeteria recycling programs moving, diverting thousands of pounds of waste per year away from our landfills. The custodial department prioritizes the purchasing of the safest cleaning materials for our students, staff, and environment.


The FISD Construction Department prioritizes landfill diversion for construction waste.  All construction waste is sorted and items such as soil, plastic, cardboard, concrete, metals, carpet, drywall, insulation, and paint are recycled and repurposed. All contractors are required to submit waste  disposal reports.  

 On average the following volumes of waste are diverted from landfills during construction:

  • Elementary - 250 tons

  • Middle School - 450 tons

  • High School - 1000 tons

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