If your child already attends ECS, you do not need to complete either of the forms below.  Specific instructions for returning students will be emailed to you before the end of the school year. 

2022-23 School Year 

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Frisco ISD offers a full-day prekindergarten program at the Early Childhood School (ECS) and several elementary campuses across the District. Students must be at least four years of age on or before September 1 of the target school year.

The program is free and is only for qualifying students. We do not offer a tuition program at this time. The focus of the prekindergarten program is to develop oral language skills, prerequisite skills for emergent reading and early math concepts, and to build readiness skills for successful entry into kindergarten.

The Pre-K Program is a full day program that follows the hours of the campus on which it is housed. Pre-K classes housed on elementary campuses attend school from 7:45 a.m. - 3:05 p.m. Pre-K classes housed at The Early Childhood School attend school from 7:40 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Transportation to and from the Regular Pre-K program on any campus is the responsibility of the parent as bus transportation is not provided for children attending the program. Due to the program being centralized, transportation is provided for Bilingual Pre-K Students.


Pre-K Registration is a TWO-STEP process which begins after April 1st each year. You can see exactly what the process looks like to checking out our Pre-K Parent Registration Process document.

The majority of the Pre-K registration process will be done electronically. Students who potentially qualify due to a limited ability to speak or comprehend English will require a language assessment. The oral language proficiency assessment will be conducted in-person.

Step One

The first step in our registration process is submitting this Parent Questionnaire Form.

The information submitted will help us determine if your child meets the eligibility requirements in order to participate in the Pre-K Program. Only children who qualify are able to attend. Here is the list of eligibility requirements:

  • Proficiency in English is limited due to another language being spoken in the home. (The state of Texas requires that all students who have a language other than English on the Home Language Survey complete language testing to determine English proficiency.) 

  • Low family income qualifies the student for the free/reduced lunch program. (Parent must submit one of the following: last three current pay stubs, most recent tax return IF self-employed, IRS form 1099, an official signed letter from employer on company letterhead listing income, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility letter with EDG (Eligibility Determination Group) number listed.

  • Meet the definition of homeless.

  • Be a member of an active military family or be a member of an inactive military family whose parent was injured or killed during active military service. (Documentation required).

  • Has ever been in the foster care system. (Form 2085E is required).

  • Has a guardian who is eligible to receive the Star of Texas Award as a peace officer, firefighter or emergency medical first responder.

Step Two

Fill out the 2022-23 New Student Registration Form. Please keep in mind these forms will not be reviewed until you have submitted the Parent Questionnaire from Step One. Once we have reviewed your forms from Step One and Step Two, you will receive an email with the next steps. 

These emails will be sent out beginning April 19, 2022 throughout the following months. Thank you for your patience during this time as we process hundreds of families. Every child who qualifies will be provided a spot and the District requests that you refrain from status inquiries.  Please Note: Some district emails go to Junk or Clutter, so please be checking those during this process.

Required Documents

Frisco ISD requires a parent or guardian present the following documents to complete the registration process:

  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate Requirement Form)

  • Social Security Card (optional)

  • Immunization Records (View Immunization Record Requirements)

  • Proof of Residency (Acceptable Proof of Residency Documents) Please note: if you cannot yet produce a current utility bill with a Frisco ISD address, a contract on a home or apartment lease will suffice until you can provide a current utility bill (required before starting school).

  • Driver’s License of Enrolling Parent

  • Additional Documentation/Qualification Criteria for Pre-K Students (required to enroll in the free program)

Please be sure to review the documents accepted for proof of residency and double check that your child's immunization records are up to date and reflect all the requirements of the state of Texas, which may vary from other states/countries.

Pre-K Sites

Pre-K campus placement will be based on the assigned zoning and campus enrollment at the time of enrollment.

Pre-K Attendance Zones for 2022-23
Pre-K Location
Early Childhood School

Serves Students Zoned for 
Borchardt, Bright, Christie, Liscano, Mooneyham, Sem, Smith, Spears, Tadlock, Talley, Taylor

Pre-K Location
Gunstream Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Gunstream, Isbell, Ogle

Pre-K Location
Hosp Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Bledsoe, Corbell, Hosp, Nichols
Pre-K Location
McSpedden Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Anderson, Elliott, McSpedden
Pre-K Location
Newman Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Minett, Newman, Robertson

Pre-K Location
Phillips Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Miller, Phillips
Pre-K Location
Pink Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Allen, Carroll, Pink, Rogers, Vaughn
Pre-K Location
Purefoy Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Boals, Fisher, Purefoy, Sparks
Pre-K Location
Shawnee Trail Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Curtsinger, Riddle, Shawnee Trail

Pre-K Location
Sonntag Elementary
Serves Students Zoned for 
Ashley, Comstock, Norris, Scott, Sonntag
Bilingual Pre-K Attendance Zones for 2022-23*

(*These match district zoning for K-5 Bilingual Programming.  Learn more about our Bilingual Program.)

Pre-K Location
Carroll Elementary

Serves Students Zoned for 
Allen, Bledsoe, Boals, Carroll, Corbell, Fisher, Hosp, Miller, Newman, Nichols, Phillips, Pink, Purefoy, Robertson, Sparks, Spears, Vaughn

Pre-K Location
Christie Elementary

Serves Students Zoned for 
Anderson, Ashley, Borchardt, Bright, Christie, Comstock, Curtsinger, Elliott, Gunstream, Isbell, Liscano, McSpedden, Mooneyham, Norris, Ogle, Riddle, Rogers, Scott, Sem, Shawnee Trail, Smith, Sonntag, Tadlock, Talley, Taylor

Contact Melissa Ellis, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Instruction, with registration questions.

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