Committee Structure

Committee Members

In order to best represent the stakeholders in the District, the committee is made up of classroom teachers from all levels, other specialized staff members from all levels, campus principals, central administration staff members, high school students, Frisco Education Foundation, PTA and other community members.

Terms of Membership

  • The committee term will be organized on a two year legislative cycle.

  • Committee members are selected for one two-year term beginning in September of odd-numbered years and ending in August the following odd-numbered year.

  • There are no term limits, but all members must re-apply after each term.

  • Committee member selection will begin in August for staff and September for non-staff of odd-numbered years.

  • The committee will present recommendations to the Board of Trustees in November of even-numbered years.

All members will agree to commit to the following guidelines in order to secure their ongoing position with the Legislative Leadership Committee:

  • Attendance at no less than 75% of full committee and subcommittee meetings

  • Commitment to the purpose of serving in an advisory capacity to the FISD Board and administration regarding legislative priorities aligned with the District’s mission to know every student by name and need

  • Commitment to established committee norms, including:

    • Maintaining a positive tone at meetings

    • Working in the best interest of the District as a whole

    • Agreement to not focus on a concern unless a solution can be offered

    • Agreement to listen respectfully and consider matters from others’ perspectives

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