The mission of the Legislative Leadership Committee is to learn how local, state, and federal governmental action impacts Frisco ISD, to connect with parents, teachers, administrators, taxpayers, and students, empowering them to engage with the Frisco ISD community, and recommend legislative priorities for adoption by the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees.

Committee Chair

Megan DeWolfe and Danny Stockton

Committee Purpose 

The purpose of the committee is to assist in developing the District's legislative priorities and to provide feedback to the Government Affairs department throughout the legislative session

Committee Membership

The committee is made up of 111 members from 10 different stakeholder groups and 11 high school feeder patterns: 

  • 11 Elementary Teachers – Application, appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 Middle School Teachers - Application, appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 High School Teachers - Application, appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 Other campus Staff – Application, appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 Principals – Application, appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 Central Admin – Appointed by FISD staff

  • 11 FEF/PTA members – Appointed by FEF/PTA

  • 11 Community Members – Application, appointed by FISD Board of Trustees

  • 11 Business Community Members – Appointed by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce

The 12th high school feeder pattern will be added for the 2023-25 LLC term.

Meeting/Time Commitment

The LLC meets roughly every two months in the evening for 2 hours.

Term Limits

Members serve in two-year terms following the legislative cycle. There are no term limits, but members must reapply after each term.

Appointment Timeframe

At the beginning of every odd-numbered school year following the committee application deadline at midnight on August 31. (August/September 2029, 2021, 2023, etc). Individual seats that have been vacated may be filled throughout the year.

Apply Now

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