The membership of the council is designed so that there is robust representation both from community members and FISD staff from all campuses and departments, as well as a broad geographical representation. There are 200 members total; made up of at least one teacher from each FISD Campus, 77 community members, and additional members based on the number of applications received.


Members will serve a 1-year term beginning in September, and may serve a maximum of three terms. All members are required to reapply each year If they want to stay on the council.


The full council will meet four times a year on Wednesday evenings. Dates for full council meetings and separate committee meetings will be predetermined, but committee chairs are expected to adjust the schedule to fit the needs of their separate committees. Members must be able to attend at least 75% of the meetings

Application and Appointment Timeframe

Staff and community members interested in serving on the DAC need to complete the Stakeholder Committee Application. The application will typically be open from August 1-31 of each school year. All who applied will receive notice by the end of September. Individual seats that have been vacated may be filled throughout the year.

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