Technology Resources

This webpage is intended to serve as a helpful reference for students and parents. While it highlights several of the top technology applications used in Frisco ISD, there are many other websites, applications and resources used by teachers to support student learning and engagement. Your child’s teacher can provide additional information and assistance as needed.

All Grades (PK-12)

District Devices

Frisco ISD loaned thousands of mobile devices to students to use during the 2020-21 school year. These devices must be returned at the conclusion of the school year to ensure District staff have adequate time to clean, repair and distribute the devices for student use in the fall. 

Each campus will communicate a process and date in May 2021 for families to return District devices such as Chromebooks, iPads and Kajeet Smartspots, along with all power cords. The only students who will keep their devices are those participating in virtual Summer School or who received their devices as part of the "1 for All" high school Chromebook initiative. 

The District’s top priority is for devices and chargers to be returned. If a device cannot be located, families will be expected to pay for the cost of replacing the device or charge cord.

Using a District Device

  • Follow these links to add wifi on a District-owned iPad (PK-1st grade) or Chromebook (2nd-12th grades).

  • A Chromebook will automatically check for and download updates when it is turned on with the lid open and connected to wifi or Ethernet. Chrome OS will get updates periodically, so it is important to have the most updated operating system to ensure that applications work the way they are intended. Leaving your Chromebook plugged into power with the lid open overnight will help make sure that any updates needed can run overnight so your machine is ready to use first thing in the morning. If you are having trouble with your Chromebook, checking to see if it has the most updated Chrome OS is the best place to start your troubleshooting. It can affect the performance of many different apps and extensions. Click here for instructions on how to check for needed updates.

Wifi Access

Frisco ISD is committed to ensuring all students have access to the internet and online learning opportunities. Check out these resources for families who lack a reliable and secure connection at home:

Drive-up School Access 
The District has installed additional wireless access points at 14 schools to expand the wifi signal to driveways and parking lots so that families can connect from the comfort of their vehicles.

District-owned devices will automatically hook up to the “Frisco-ISD” wifi but personal devices can find “FriscoISD-Guest” as a new, expanded option. Students can reference this set of instructions for additional information or reach out to their campus digital learning coach.

Frisco Chamber of Commerce

  • 6843 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034; access location is the parking lot behind the office

  • Network: FriscoCP; Password: FriscoBiz

Kajeet SmartSpot®
Frisco ISD is pleased to be able to provide the Kajeet SmartSpot®, a filtered mobile hotspot device for families with the most significant needs. This hotspot provides a safe, simple wireless connection to the internet at home. 

If you have no internet access at home, please email to inquire about checking out a Kajeet SmartSpot® for your family. 

Student Portal

The Student Portal is a place where students can go to access online resources like Google Apps, Seesaw and Canvas, as well as student Gmail and Home Access Center (HAC). The Student Portal also contains links to some electronic textbooks and several websites used by teachers in the classroom or recommended for homework.

Student Portal Resources


Frisco ISD is providing each teacher with a Zoom account to support their virtual classroom and connect with students. This will help create a hands-on collaborative classroom environment where students can engage with their teacher and classmates.

Zoom Resources

Home Access Center

Home Access Center or HAC is an online tool students and parents can use to find up-to-date information regarding student attendance, grades, assignments and class schedules. Information is available for all Frisco ISD middle and high school students and for elementary students in grades 4-5.

HAC Resources

FISD Device Repair

Have you checked out a District-owned device and now need some tech support? Log on to the Student Portal and click on the Device Repair tile. Complete and submit the form with detailed information. You will then be contacted regarding instructions on how to get the device repaired.

Elementary (PK-5)


FISD elementary schools use Seesaw as a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. Each student gets their own journal and will add photos, videos, drawings or notes to it to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology.

Seesaw is already available on Frisco ISD devices. Seesaw provides information and links on downloading the app for various platforms if students are accessing via a family-owned device. Please note that students cannot complete remote learning activities on the Family app. You will need to download the Seesaw Class App.

Seesaw Resources

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a web-based platform that integrates students’ G Suite for Education accounts with Google Docs. Google Classroom saves time and paper and allows teachers to create classes, distribute assignments and communicate.

Google Classroom is already available on Frisco ISD devices. If students are accessing via a family-owned device, it may be helpful to download the app: iOS devices /Android devices.

Google Classroom Resources

Google Classroom Access & Log in:

Secondary (6-12)

With so many resources available, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the applications used in Frisco ISD and how to login to them. Here are easy hand-outs to help students keep their logins straight:


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) used in Frisco ISD. Secondary teachers use Canvas for communication, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes and more. *Parents may see some grades in this system, but this is not the authoritative source for grades. Official grades are available in Home Access Center.

Student Resources

Parent Resources

Additional Support

For additional support refer to the resources below:

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