Covid-19 Activity Level

The Covid-19 activity level is designed to provide students, parents and staff with a meaningful picture of the level of disease activity in the Frisco ISD community and on Frisco ISD campuses. The activity level and its metrics help to demonstrate the effectiveness of in-school disease mitigation efforts, as well as indicate the degree to which community spread of Covid-19 is impacting Frisco ISD students and staff. While the disease activity level provides important context for District staff, current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend certain disease mitigation tools be utilized at all levels of disease activity. These include social distancing, use of face coverings and handwashing. Frisco ISD is committed to providing a safe, in-person learning experience for Frisco ISD students who choose that learning environment, and the metrics that the comprise the activity level will be utilized by District staff to assess how effectively Frisco ISD is implementing the recommended universal disease mitigation tools.

Disease Activity Levels

 Low  Medium  High
Average Daily New Cases: 7-day rolling average of daily new Frisco ISD student and staff cases
0-‚Äč9  10-29 30+
Case Trend: Trend in 7-day rolling average of daily new Frisco ISD student and staff cases over the prior 14 days Decreasing
By more than 10 
Within 10 
By more than 10
Close Contact Positive Rate: Percent of Frisco ISD staff or students with on-campus close contacts and no known external exposure who test positive within 14 days of close contact
0.0%-2.0%   2.1%-5.0%  5.1%+
Average Concentration of Daily Cases: Number of new cases reported by the average campus in Frisco ISD each day 
0.0-2.0   2.1-5.0  5.1+
One or more of these are true 
Average Daily New Cases is 30 or more
Close Contact Positive Rate is 5.1% or more
Average Concentration of Daily Cases is 5.1 or more
Whenever the Disease Activity Level does not meet the criteria for Minimal or Substantial, it will be classified as Moderate.
All of these are true for two consecutive weeks
Average Daily New Cases is 9 or less 
Case Trend is STABLE (within 10) or DECREASING (by more than 10) 
Close Contact Positive Rate is 2.0% or less
Average Concentration of Daily Cases is 2 or less
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