COVID-19 Case Data

COVID-19 Trend Graph

This graph updates every day at 8:35PM.

The following graph shows the breakdown of new positive COVID-19 cases involving Frisco ISD staff and Frisco ISD students who were on campus while infectious. The line shows the trend in a 7-day rolling average of daily new cases. Positive cases are associated with the date of symptom onset or date of positive test if no symptoms. This date does not necessarily align with the date the case was reported to FISD or communicated to parents and staff.

Active COVID-19 Cases

This table updates every day at 8:35PM.

The following table provides a summary of active, test-confirmed COVID-19 cases involving Frisco ISD students and staff members as reported to the District. Individuals are associated with their home campus or assigned building, though some staff and students may be involved in activities at more than one District location. Individuals who have tested positive are considered "active" and may not return to campus until they have completed the required quarantine period and other protocols as defined by the District's Disease Mitigation Guidelines.

*Because students are associated only with their home campuses for the purposes of this reporting, data is unavailable for students at the Career and Technical Education Center and Student Opportunity Center.

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