Forms and Resources

Transfers, Donations, and Refunds

If you wish to transfer money to a sibling’s account, donate funds to a student in need, or request a refund on your student’s account, please complete this form so that your request may be processed.

Reminder! Do you use SchoolCafé? Do you have automatic payment set up at SchoolCafé? Please turn it off by unchecking the box at the SchoolCafé website.

Parent Lunch Account Preference Forms

The Child Nutrition Department understands that you may want to place restrictions on your child's spending limits, or restrict specific items from being purchased. Parents who wish to do so must complete an Account Preference form and return the form to the Child Nutrition office at 12050 Rolater Road, Frisco, Texas 75035, or send via email to This form is only in effect for the school year in which it was submitted. Please note:  if you are restricting your student from purchasing anything from the account, if student comes to school without food, if food is damaged/destroyed during the school day, or emergency meals are required to be served at this campus, student will be allowed to purchase a meal.  

Special Events Forms

The Special Events forms below must be completed and returned to the Child Nutrition Programs District Office.  

  • Special Events After Hours Form (FOR STAFF USE ONLY.  Form is available in the FISD Resource Center.)

  • Sack Lunch Order Form (FOR STAFF USE ONLY.  Form is available in the FISD Resource Center.)

  • Special Food Order Agreement (FOR STAFF USE ONLY.  Form is available in the FISD Resource Center.)

SchoolCafé Help Guides

Applying Online for Free/Reduced Lunch Help Guide
Account Creation Help Guide

Free & Reduced Lunch Program Forms

Applications for the 2022-23 school year may now be completed here.

Nutrition Resources

Want to learn more about child nutrition and how to fuel your child for success? Check out the links below or Ask the Dietitian.

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