Sport Officials Information

This page is dedicated to provide information for sports officials that come to Frisco ISD. Frisco ISD is appreciative of the efforts of sports officials whose job is to provide a service to the students and athletic programs to ensure the rules of the sport are followed. All Sports Officials are registered through the UIL and fall under Section 1204 of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules which range from varsity to middle school competition. Please find the UIL REFEREE MILEAGE CALCULATOR for your reference.

Officials will now complete their pay-sheets at the Venue via a QR Code. This code will be available at with the gate worker. Please have a QR Reader on your phone upon check in. (Form Example)

Frisco ISD understands that officials are independent contractors and are assigned games through their independent governing bodies or chapters. 

In order to be paid from Frisco ISD, ALL OFFICIALS MUST COMPLETE the VENDOR PACKET (Download HERE), which includes:

  • Cover Page

  • Instructions Page

  • Substitute W-9

  • Felony Conviction Notice

  • Conflict of Interest Questionnaire


School Districts have 45 working school days to pay you under UIL 1204. Those days do not include weeks or days schools are closed for holidays. Officials are not to contact schools directly about payments. If the 45 days has passed or you receive a check for the incorrect amount, please contact with the following:.

  • Name (First and Last as on paysheet)

  • Phone Number

  • Information that can expedite your payment status (Game Date (s), Check number with incorrect amount, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is a shortage of officials in all sports. The population explosion in North Texas has increased the student population and many North Texas school districts are building and/or planning new schools. Many officials chapters will provide training and give you an opportunity to be successful. These are the chapters that service the Metro-plex including Frisco ISD. If you are interested in officiating, please contact the chapters directly.

Each official is given assigned a vendor number through the Frisco ISD procurement office. In order to be compliant, each individual referee must have completed the Vendor Packet annually

The vendor packet can be downloaded, completed and mailed to prior to working games. You may also print, complete and turn in to the gateworker at your first game. These forms only have to be completed one time annually. Officials who officiate multiple sports only have to complete the vendor packet one time per school year.

UIL gives School Districts up to 45 working school days (not including weekends or holidays) to process payment. Frisco ISD tries to process payments within 14-21 days. Payment can be sent out as a check or direct deposit. For your convenience please complete the bottom of the Frisco ISD W-9 Form.

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