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About 9-Week Marking Periods

Frisco ISD secondary schools will shift from six-week marking periods to nine-week marking periods beginning with the 2019-20 school year. Each semester will be divided into two, nine-week grading periods, with a total of four grading periods, according to the 2019-20 District Calendar.

With longer marking periods, updated grading categories and weights will align with the evolution of assessment practices.

  • Longer grading periods support teachers’ best assessment practices. Experts agree that grades should represent student performance after they have had the chance to practice and receive feedback and intervention. 

  • Longer grading periods increase the focus on learning and decrease the focus on grades. In longer marking periods, decisions about what to grade can be more authentic to student learning to represent adequate evidence of student mastery.

  • Longer grading periods create greater accuracy and efficiency. A longer marking period provides time to intervene and re-assess prior to report card grade submission.

  • Longer grading periods increase the opportunity for students to maintain eligibility for longer periods of time. Students can regain eligibility twice each 9-week marking period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frisco ISD secondary campuses will transition to a 9-week marking period starting next school year (2019-20) in alignment with our district mission to meet every student’s needs as well as the Assessment and Grading Philosophy. Longer grading periods allow greater time for student feedback and students have more time to demonstrate what they know before final grades are recorded. Longer grading periods also increase the opportunity for students to maintain eligibility for longer periods of time.

The chart below shows a comparison of 6-week marking periods and 9-week marking periods.
FAQ-9-Week Marking Periods chart

As shown in the table above, Interim Progress Reports (IPRs) will be required at the end of the third and sixth week within each nine week marking period, so grade information will be available every 3 weeks.

Students can lose their eligibility if they are failing at the end of the sixth week of school (“UIL Eligibility Check”) or at the end of a 9-week marking period.  They can regain eligibility at the 9-week marking period or any Interim Progress Report (“IPR”) after the first 9 week marking period. Under the 9-week structure students are able to maintain their eligibility over a longer period of time.

UIL rules require a 6-week grade check. See TEA UIL Side by Side for more information. Students have not ever lost eligibility at progress report time, but only had the opportunity to regain eligibility. You can see an illustration of eligibility checks in the chart above.

Frisco ISD does not plan to implement semester exams. Semester grades will be calculated by averaging the two 9 week marking period grades together, as illustrated in the chart above.

With Frisco ISD implementing 9-weeks marking periods in 2019-20, we will adjust our grading categories and weights within a category to align with the evolution of our assessment practices.

 Grade averages will be based on grades in two categories, Major and Minor.

Major Assessment Grades - 60%
Minor Assessment Grades - 40%

Marking periods dates are published on the 2019-20 School Calendar, available by clicking the direct link here, or going to

Re-Assessment/Re-Test Guidelines

Only minor adjustments were made to the current re-test guidelines.

Students will be able to receive credit for evidence of increased mastery for major grades 84 and below for a maximum score of an 85.  Students scoring an 85 or above on the original major grade will not have an opportunity to reassess for a higher grade.

  1. Students will have a window of five school days after the grade is returned to re-assess.  (Remediation and reassessment must be completed by the end of the five-day window.)

  2. Reassessment may be targeted to areas not mastered on the original assessment.

  3. Requirements to reassess, such as attending tutoring sessions and/or completing remedial assignments, will be determined by campus guidelines.

This retest policy would not include major assessments classified as Projects which follow Project Guidelines. Projects can include but are not limited to presentations, physical or electronic products, speeches, lab reports, writing assignments, etc.

Project Guidelines:

  • Project is assessed using a rubric with clear criteria that is given to the students at the time the project is assigned.

  • Project scoring criteria is clearly connected to course standards.

  • Project is broken down into parts:

    • Each part is given suggested due dates prior to the deadline of the completed project.

    • Each part is assessed and given feedback, providing several checkpoints for the student to measure his or her progress.

Pre AP/AP classes may be dropped at the end of the 1st six weeks grading period of a course or at the end of the semester. See 2019-20 Academic Guide and Student Handbook for more detailed information

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