Public education in Texas functions differently than it does in some states. Texas has more than 1,000 independent school districts (or ISDs for short) that are separate from any form of municipal government. An elected School Board oversees each district, not city or county officials as in some states. School districts may cross city and county boundaries, and property taxes are levied to support school operations. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) oversees Texas school districts and provides leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students and prepare them for success in the global economy. To learn more, visit the TEA website.

The State of Texas has opted not to take part in the Common Core State Standards. Texas has established its own state standards and standardized tests called the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Frisco ISD has spent several years developing its own rigorous academic curriculum.

If you are moving from another state, it is important to take a close look at immunization requirements before beginning the enrollment process with Frisco ISD. Texas requires school children have vaccines that may not be required in other states.

If you are moving during the school year and have a child in kindergarten, please know you will have to meet the Texas age requirement to be enrolled in Kindergarten with Frisco ISD. Please contact the campus for more information.

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